McDonald's / quarter pounder meat not fully cooked and worker and manager arguing.

I was at the mc Donald at 3532 seven ave. Metairie, la [protected]. I walk in to place order and had to wait while workers are looking at me. Manager came from sitting at a table to take my order. After taking order one of the workers and manager was arguing back and forth while customers are standing there. There was no respect on either part. I feel what ever was going on should have been taking care of behind closed doors not in front of customers and other workers. They also chimed in after manager walked away mocking the manager about what she was saying. This behavior is ridiculous to occur at a business like this.
Another issue I have is I ordered a quarter pounder meal and when I bit into sandwich I noticed that the meat was not fully cooked n had some pink in it. I didn't bring it to counter to complain because of being afraid of what would happen if I did so just threw it away. This is a very serious issue and should be addressed as soon as possible before someone gets sick. Thank you for your time and hope these issues are address in a timely matter.

Jun 01, 2018

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