McDonaldspoor service

I am finally writing about the poor, slow service that continues at the McDonald's on Reading Rd. in Ephrata, PA. It has always been the slowest (painfully so) worst customer service of any McDonald's I've ever been to. It burned down and they rebuilt so the community had high hopes for it. It is now slower than ever (isn't there a way for the corporation to know this?) and on Monday, January 16, an incident put me over the edge and I wanted to share. I had a screaming baby in the back seat. It was exactly 11am and my dad and I were literally excited to see that the drive through had no line which meant fast service, right? We couldn't have been more wrong. We ordered a big mac meal. That's it. We paid and waited at the next window. 6 cars pulled behind us. No one came to our window to give us food but in my rear view mirror noticed that people were being served through the first window and driving out around us! Someone finally came to the window and said, "I know you are here...I don't kknow what is taking so long." And left! I put the car in park and turned it off and walked back to the first window. And waited as the person took orders from other cars. About 5 minutes later, the lady at the second window finally called to me to get back in my car, my order was ready. No apology. No explanation. I stared at her waiting for something. Anything. I asked her why everyone behind me was being served and driving around us. She said she didn't know and she shut the window and stared me down all the while mouthing something to me but I don't know what although I could tell she was telling me off. I drove off. How about, "sorry for the wait, here is a $5 gift card"? or, "here's your money back, I do apologize." The McDonald's there is known in the community for being the worst around. Maybe no one cares but I just wanted to share.

Jan 18, 2017

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