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Mcdonalds / harassment!

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I am making this complaint as a fellow member of staff from one of the many restaurants in the uk for mc donalds i want to bring about the abuse and sexual harassment myself and other members of staff had to take within the last few years, i have worked for mc donalds for nearly two years and between that time in my own experience i have been sexual harassed by both other members of staff and mostly my members of management. I have been called such names as "ignorant ###", "is it a man", "fat ###" , and other comments from a member of management such as "shut your [censored]ing mouth you fat ### i don't care what you think" etc...

For this i can go on for a while with different types of insults. I have had to put up with members of staff of which are men who would call me a man and sexy ### and comments like is it a man... and thats not a woman! I hate it so much...

When i go to managers to report this abuse which i might add has been going on for more than a year, i try to tell them what is going on and what they say... I was told that something would be done about it but to this day nothing has been done... my time at working at mc donalds has been the worst decision i have ever made in my life...

I have become depressed and stressed out from that job and the frustration that noone would believe me got to me really bad... What rights do we have in cases like these! were people can ge away with abusing staff just because they are friends with the management!

I would never advice anyone to apply for a job in mcdonalds anywhere! since its a big company they think that they are treat there staff like dogs! Because that how i felt! the term in the dictionary for the word mcjob should be kept the same because it is a low pay with NO future prospects job!

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  • Pa
      2nd of Jan, 2008
    Mcdonalds - terrible service!
    Mc donalds
    United Kingdom

    I always use mc donalds a lot. this one is situated near a shopping center in chelmsley wood. On alot of occasions. I park my car in Mc donalds and go to the shops 1st not usually to long but today 2nd january I was held up at the bank. I got back to Mcdonalds restaurant and bought my son an happy meal then got back to my car to find a parking ticket. The charge is £70.50 which is really high. I was annoyed by this so i went to speak to the manager about it. He said to phone them if i didn't get any joy then he will try. Basically I've got to pay but this is so un fair as I was a customer at mc donalds.

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  • Ke
      2nd of Jan, 2008

    And this is McDonalsd fault how?

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  • Bi
      1st of Feb, 2008

    If you go to McDonald's alot you are going to get very very fat

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  • Cr
      13th of Apr, 2008
    Mcdonalds - terrible attitude with dirty words!
    Mc Donalds
    77 Bank Street

    April 13, 2017. at about 03:15pm, i got served by a Boy (name: Jonathan). After waiting for a while. he asked me what I'm waiting for? I told him i am waiting for my food, and nothing happened. Then after serving 3-4 customers, the woman before me got her food (actually there was no order already, people behind us already got their food). Then i thought it should be my turn, but the coming order was for another customer. Then i asked him where is mine? he said i made it but i don't know why you didn't get it. then he continues his work. Ok i wait, again three or more people got their food, they were all behind us. I asked again for my order, he seemed angry and said "there is a big ###ing line over there *#*#bla bla bla...". I was really pissed off and said i want to file a complaint, he said go find our manager.and just leave me alone. in another 5 minutes i got a chance to talk to the woman manager. I guess she heard my words about complaint and she was not happy either. She told me that they lost my bill and asked me what is my order. I repeated, and she just started to prepare it, i said i want to file a complaint, she showed me the pack and asked me ' is this your order?' I said 'yes but it's too late'. Then she said apologize for the inconvenience. and did not listen to me anymore. Her attitude was just like i was the person who made the mistake. The whole period took 25 minutes which make me missed my friend who was catching the bus back to Toronto. The food was tend for him.

    I would like to hear serious apologize from the employee and the woman manager.

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  • Ma
      14th of Jul, 2008
    Mcdonalds - sauces and ketchup
    Mc Donalds
    United States

    Why in the world would you limit 1pk of ketchup for a small fry? Or one sauce for 4 nuggets.First of all, those pks of ketchup only have enough for maybe 4 fries. And 2nd, if they are gonna do that then whats the point of even putting ketchup. They need to either put at least two or three pks or change to the small cups of ketchup, like Whatabuger...thats some gooooooood ketchup. Its bad enough Mc Donalds burger are gross and now they want to be tight. And to think they ACTUALLY have a CHEF for Mc Donalds.

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  • Mi
      2nd of Sep, 2008
    Mcdonalds - customer care
    Mc Donalds
    United States

    Eating a quick take home mc e d's lunch everyday, I share a few fries with my Dog. He loves the!!
    Tonite I stopped by to get a couple of sundays for me and my wife, my lil dog awaits at the drive-up window, and the smell of those fries he loves so much, I ask the gal if she had just a single fry laying around for the dog~~ she ask the mgr. on duty about my request, and the so called mgr. actually said no!!! Astounded to her reply, the girl at the window, myself, and to say the least my lil dog was astounded to the reply. What the Hell???
    I'll be talking to the Real mgr tomorrow and going to corporate, such crap like this makes me sick and the mgr. on duty would not even come to the window!!!
    So don't piss me off, there will be a very large order made on her shift, (nite) and instead of stopping at the window I'll say all about a single frenchfry as I pass thru.

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  • To
      4th of Sep, 2008

    In all the times I have eaten at McDonalds I have never seent the sign that says: DOGS EAT FOR FREE! The manager did not come talk to you because your request was stupid and you complaining about was even more stupid...

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  • Ch
      19th of Oct, 2008
    Mcdonalds - quantity
    England, Nottinghamshire
    United Kingdom
    Phone: N/A

    i purchased some bergers and large fries in the Mc donalds in mansfield town centre on the afternoon of sunday 19th october this year. when i opened the bag at home, i was disscusted to fint the ammount of fries in the large portion container equal to thet of a regular portion. i have this feeling of being well ripped off. i am not hapy with this situation, there were not enough fries to even come level with the top of the box. pay for one thing, and to get less that you should is total fraud.

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  • Su
      20th of Nov, 2008
    Mcdonalds - terrible attitude of a mcdonald employee
    Mc Donalds
    14064 Lotus Lane, Apt # 4111
    United States
    Phone: 773 592 6239

    I work near Union Station, DC. Every morning I take one Mcgriddle with Egg (no sausage, no cheese) with a small coffee at McDonalds inside Union Station after getting down the VRE(train). Every day I was charged $2.74 cents including everything. It is a simple order not much complexity in that.

    One of the employee said it was very confusing and do not know how to ring that. She should have asked some of her employees or her manager, instead she asked me how to do it? I told her just put Mcgriddle sandwich and say no sausage and no cheese. She did something and she brought my total to $3.74. I thought she is new and let her go.

    After few days the same lady served me again and this time instead of asking how to do it, she asked me how do they charge you everyday. I said $2.74 including a small coffee. She rang me up again 3.74. I told her very politely that everyday they charge me $2.74 including the coffee. She could have canceled it and put a new order since it was her mistake not to know how to take custom orders instead she was very stubborn and did not say anything, instead she said you should have gone to some one who do your custom order daily do not come to me.

    I got angry and told that it is not money I care about and this attitude just lost your self a daily customer. The worst part is that after taking what they gave and coming out I found out that there was "Sausage" in the Mcgriddle and no egg.

    Very bad experience early in the morning, disturbed my whole morning. I would want to see such people get fired.

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  • Ca
      23rd of Nov, 2008
    Mcdonalds - rudeness
    Mc donlads
    400 illinois Ave
    Oak Rdige
    United States
    Phone: 865-483-4570

    I have gone to this restaurant weekly I normally order the same I pay half on my Credit Card and the rest cash. Today I Drove through 11/23/2017 . So the Manager ( Kim ) tells me it is impossible to do that I said I have done it plenty of times she rudely (not in so many words) calls me a LIAR I have no need to lie they have done it otherwise I would never ask. So I'm assuming the time I paid split way some one is pocketing the cash and just charging the diffrence on the card. This Mc Donalds has the rudest Manager and some Staff If you can not do your job respectfully then you need to go else where. I do not expect to be treated the way I was no customer should be. Thank you Catherine

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  • Jl
      24th of Nov, 2008

    The next thing you'll be complaining about is not getting a free sundae for your wife...

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  • Mm
      25th of Jan, 2009
    Mcdonalds - employment denied
    Fast Food (Mc Donalds)
    Rt.114, Andover St,Peabody,MA
    Peabody Rt114 EAST
    United States
    Phone: 000-000-0000

    I was "Hired" by the company's recruiter Miss Dawn Later as I interview with Operations Manager (Debbie) she promissed me job but said I drive expensive CAR (Navigator) I smiled and asked do I have a JOB! she said Yes meet me again at Danvers HIgh St. REst.
    This time I drove Mercedez(owned by my bother and his wife) Debbie said once again this is another expensive car you are driving were you a 'model' to make such kind of money and now wants to work at Mc Donald's restaurant as Manager in Trainne(Job offer was for $50, 000/-) Recruiter Dawn did tell me I will get paid $38, 000/- to start until I pass all exams and be fully train to take over the Location to run.
    Debie said I drive a 'Toyota" and if you work out of my Location in Boston (south of boston) you will make more money) his name is Ken who will train you.
    After that they never gave me a JOB!!
    The recruiter said she will talk to them but never called back.
    I lately tried to reach them but they said that position has been fill'

    I was 'discriminated' due to the Contry of Origin' (Indian) and was denied the job indirectly(they liked my education, experience and skills but they did not like my being from India it was very obvious.
    I would like to take 'ACTION" against them if possible please tell me how!!

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  • Sa
      9th of May, 2009
    Mcdonalds - bad service
    Mc Donalds Kingsford
    Anzac Parade, Kingsford
    New South Wales

    Hi I am a regular customer at this McDonalds on Saturday mornings and always notice the manager in a bad mood, otherwise I would say this might be a one off. I ordered a Sausage and Egg Meal which came without a hash brown. When I went back to explain it I was treated with great suspicion and was made to wait there for ages while all the previous orders were checked to see if i had ordered a meal, or just the separate items. I found this pretty insulting, and when it was shown that a mistake had indeed been made I was handed the hash brown without so much as an apology like I had caused inconveinience. I just though McDonalds would like to know about this employee as I know they are proud of their customer service.

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  • Ma
      23rd of Jun, 2009
    Mcdonalds - hair in burger
    Mc Donalds
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom

    On the 22nd of June, my friend and I went to Mc Donalds in Ealing Broadway as we do twice a week and were enjoying our meals when I discovered a long thick black hair in my cheese burger. I went to the counter to show the staff, where I meet a lovely English/Irish lady who changed it no problem, as I couldn't face another burger. I said I would just take a small juice instead. She appoligised and everything was fine. Until a guy called Waqas interfered and started calling me a liar, he said you put that in yourself when I pointed to my hair (which is blonde ), and showed him my friend has light brown hair, he continued to say I put it there. As we are both teachers in the nearby college, we were very upset as there were some students there who wittnessed the whole event. This man should no longer be employed at your company, and should never beable to upset customers again.

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  • Ti
      23rd of Jun, 2009

    I was denied employment at Publix for having long hair, and being male (Native American).

    I was denied employment by a female, with men's length short hair, wearing men's clothes.

    Isn't the united States such a great place? "Land of the Free" right?

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  • De
      26th of Jun, 2009

    Do you really eat at McDonald's twice a week? You are going to get really fat!

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  • De
      26th of Jun, 2009

    I bet they are more proud of their profit. I'll pass your concerns on to Ronald right away.

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  • Ma
      3rd of Jul, 2009

    I know exactly how you feel. Stop by my profile and read my complaint. It was a awful experience for me and my mother.

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  • Be
      18th of Jul, 2009
    Mcdonalds - awful everything
    Mc Donalds
    United States

    Husband went through drive thru and ordered a a Mcdouble, Mcchicken and small fries. Before leaving he checked the bag to make sure both sandwhiches and fries were there cause we all know how the things out of our ordered. To his luck it was all there. He drove off and headed for his next job site 30 miles away. He ate the Mcdouble first then preceded to unwrap the Mcchicken to eat but to his surprise someone had already eaten to very noticeable bites. How nasty is this??? It could not have been returned food cause we all know that returned food goes straight to the trash, so we think. And also pretty sure that it could not have been an employees lunch that was mistakenly wrapped and given out because employees are not suppose to eat behind the counter, we hope. So really how could this happen? Beats me!!!I told my husband he is lucky that he unwrapped it before he ate it. Me on the other hand i fold my paper down and would have been really pissed if i would have eaten it and then found out someone else had eaten part first.

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  • An
      23rd of Jul, 2009


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