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Reviews and Complaints

terrible service!

I am very disappointed in the service I have continued to receive for this company... I stop at this particular McDonalds almost every night and something is always wrong. The last straw was last night when I stopped I ordered my coffee and I saw that the pot was almost empty. The worker was very confused as to what to do since she would not be able to fill my cup. She then went to the manager (William Hoff) and he proceeded to fill my cup with the bottom of the pot of the regular coffee and top it off with the decaffeinated pot of coffee.

When I asked the worked if they filled my cup with decaf. she had this manager come to the window. He then said he did just what I saw him do and he was sorry. He then said they do not have a big call for coffee so that is why he did this. I then told him since it was (WINTER) I thought it would be a good idea to keep the pots full. Coffee is on the menu so I did not think I was being unreasonable. I would not even of minded had they asked me to pull forward so they could make more coffee. What kind of message does this send to the staff when a manager does this? I hope to hear from you regarding this issue and I hope this problem never happens again to me or someone else.

Thank you for your time
Terri Schenk

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    Hates Bigsmellyman Mar 30, 2009

    Yeah, its unimportant 'till it happens to you, Katie. You're obviously on here to complain about something. Bet yours is unimportant too.

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