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I lost my job because my boss found out that I have a tattoo. It is a small one and was always covered up. My colleagues once asked me about it and they were very interested in tattoos. They asked me questions about does it hurt, how much it costs and etc. My boss was passing by and heard us. He asked me to show my tattoo and I thought that he just wanted to see it. It was a small star on my shoulder. I showed him my tattoo and he said that I was fired. When I asked why he said they don't hire people with tattoos and he also added that girls with tattoos are disgusting. So that is how I lost my job at McDonalds.

Apr 14, 2016
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  •   Jun 19, 2016

    That is crazy! I work in the legal field and I have multi tattoos as do many of my associates. No one sees this as a big deal. The manager sounds like a ridiculous person.

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