McDonald's / customer service

Hartwell Ga, United States

I went to your Hartwell location today. I was having my order taken when a manager had asked a older black man why the cook was running the register and not him. He said I was getting something for someone else. The black man made a remark to the white man running the register. He said "Boy, you aren't suppose to be up here. You need to go back" after that remark the black male took my order. We received our food. When I opened up my children's happy meals there was no extra fries or sweet and sour sauce. So I took my receipt up front and told the black man that I was missing extra fries and sauce. I asked for 2 gogurts and the sauces. He said were they not in your boxes...with an attitude. I said no they were not. He said I can give you extra fries I said no its okay...he then blamed the stuff being wrong on another employee.

Oct 21, 2017

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