Maytag / distributor delivery inadequate

Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania, US
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This is not a Maytag complaint but a Lowe's as your distributor complaint. I found a Maytag Bravo's at several stores but decided to purchase from Lowe's in Wilkes Barre PA. I purchased the washer on 11/25/16. The store was not busy at all but you order in the appliance department and pay at the front register. By the time I walked from the back of the store to the front to pay, they could not find my ordered Maytag Bravo's. After a half hour, they manually re-keyed my order to I could pay. During their re-keying, they failed to put in the correct delivery time. on 11/27/16 I receive a phone call from Lowe's that they would be delivering my washer on 11/28/16 BUT the time was 8am, which is when I'm at work. Luckily my neighbor was home and met them to have the washer delivered. By the time I arrived at home in the evening, I found that they delivered the wrong washer. It was a Maytag but a much lower grade model than what I paid for. I immediately called them only to find that my call was to New Mexico at their call center. I told them I received the wrong unit and I want the model I requested. They put me on hold for 30 minutes and said the washer would be delivered 11/29/16. The washer never came and I'd left work early waiting for Lowe's. No call. I called them on 11/30/16. They said I was now scheduled for 11 days later. I was very upset and explained that I wash 14 loads of laundry a week and this was unacceptable. they told me the washer would come on 12/01/16 at 5pm. I left work AGAIN only for them to once again not deliver your product that I paid for. I called them at 8pm and they said deliveries were done for the day and I will not get it. I told them I had to have this washer that I paid for. after 40 minutes on hold, they told me I was top priority for 12/02/16 delivery. I decided to call them in the morning to verify. Of course I get the New Mexico office and they told me the delivery time is set for 5pm. I told the girl I did not believe her and told her to call the Wilkes Barre PA location to verify this. She did and after 20 minutes on hold told me I was NOT getting the delivery. MAYBE I'd get it on Saturday. I told them to cancel the order I'd buy a different washer somewhere else. You almost lost a sale because of this. But 1 hour later Lowe's Wilkes Barre called me back and said they were bringing it at 2pm. Now several times I told them about the washer that they dropped off and how they needed to take it back when they dropped mine off. So when the driver showed up, I was not home yet so my neighbor told them to take the Maytag washer that I had not ordered when they were leaving. They didn't want to but they did. So apparently I could have had a free washer along with the new one I bought. I'm assuming you not authorizing washers to be given away for free. Luckily I'm honest... i'm sure others are not. You may want to re-think your relationship with Lowe's. You nearly lost a sale and would have a washer donated to me for free. Thank you [protected]

Dec 02, 2016

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