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Maple Ridge Chrysler Dealer / Fraud truck service

1 Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada Review updated:

I recently had my truck oil change with Lube World, During an inspection of all the truck fluids I was informed that my rear axle differential fluid needed replacing, I said that it had been done May of this year, but according to the mechanic from lube world it has not been changed for a year or two. He could tell my the colour of the fluid it was black and not transluence as it is suppose to be. There fore my complaint is Maple Ridge Chrysler have charged for a service they said they have done (on paper) but not actually carried out

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  • Ma
      17th of Nov, 2010
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    The following is a responce from Maple Ridge Chrysler:

    When a rear differential service is done, it is very difficult to get all the oil to remove from the differential axle tubes. After the vehicle drives for a period of time, the dirty fluid from inside the axle tubes will mix with the clean new fluid. This no different than an oil change being done to an engine. You drain most of the oil but a small amount of dirty oil still remains in the engine. The cleanliness of the fluid can be affected by how dirty the fluid was before the last service was done. This vehicle has a recommendation of the rear diff fluid being changed after 25, 000 km for the first service and 50, 000 km after that. If the fluid was very dirty before the last change, the oil could appear dirty.
    With more than 20 years experience in the industry, I cannot look at a fluid and judge the age of the fluid. I am not sure how the service technician at Lube World could determine that the age of differential fluid by looking at the color of the fluid as the fluid begins getting dirty with the first km of driving. I would question the qualifications of someone who would venture such a statement. If the fluid did indeed need changing, this could be a result of the problem noted above in the differential. (Clutch pieces being on the magnet inside the differential).
    Since the complaint was posted, I spoke to the customer. He is taking the vehicle to an independent garage to get a second opinion. I have asked him to call me back with the results of that inspection. If the results show that there is a problem, we have invited the customer to bring his vehicle back and we will provide an inspection with him present.

  • Da
      12th of Apr, 2011
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    We have also been getting the run around from Maple Ridge Chrysler. We bought a 2006 diesel Mega Cab from them brand new! Since then it has had multiple issues. In december of 2010 we had it in to get the windshield wiper motor replaced. At that time we were complaining of a clunking in the front end. They ignored it and said there was nothing wrong. At that time it was still under warranty. Now again about a month ago we took the truck to another mechanic that confirmed there was a problem with the front end, the ball joints were toast. We went back to Maple Ridge Chrysler and they told us in order for them to check it we had to pay to have an oil change and a lube job, so they could put it on the hoist and check it out. Why should I have to pay for oil and lube to have the front end checked? so now it is just 3, 000 km out of warranty. Chris told my husband if they had to do the ball joints he could meet us halfway at $1000. So I bit the bullet we made an appt to bring in the truck for 3:30pm and my husband had to take time off work to take the truck in. They were suppose to do the lube, oil and check the balljoints. An hour and a half and $150 later, he was given the truck back and told they didn't have time to check the balljoints and we would have to make another appt? What the heck! that was the point of this whole appt. We cannot keep taking time off work to bring our vehicle in. As well the "lube" part was not done, there was still road grime on the nipples and no sign of any new grease. Then when I called back to complain, "Cody" from the service department told me they didn't have time to check the balljoints but that the technician found nothing wrong with the front end? how does that happen? He then offered for us to bring our vehicle in on a Saturday and rudely questioned how I would have any idea whether the balljoints were gone or not. I was so frustrated the truck has been brought to another garage for an inspection as I did not feel safe taking our truck on a long trip on Friday with our kids to the states knowing there were problems and that were not being validated by MRC. Heres the news folks, these mechanics at the second shop also confirmed the balljoints were gone and the tie rod was an issue, so it is unsafe. But I was told there was no issue by MRC last week. Also both shops that have looked at the truck have quoted $1200 to replace the balljoints, but yet MRC was gonna meet us halfway at $1000? So I am out $150 for an oil change that could've been done anywhere because the original reason we were talked into this service was never done (balljoints thoroughly checked) and the lube wasn't done. Now we have no time to fix our truck to go on vacation

  • Ma
      21st of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    First let me apologize for the length of time it has taken us to respond to your comments about your recent service experience here at Maple Ridge Chrysler.

    We have taken a look in to what happened and would like to share our side of the events:

    Our records show that you bought your 2006 truck from us. We did service your vehicle in January 2011. At this time the only complaint was that the driver’s side windshield wiper was not working. This was fixed. There was no mention of any “clunking” noted on the repair order.

    When you first called to set up the appointment to have the front end looked at, we suggested that unless it was a emergency, you might want to bring it in for your next scheduled next oil change. This suggestion was only to save you more time as you would not have to bring the truck in twice. As this was only a suggestion, you could have declined the wait and brought it in anytime.

    We recognize the fact that when you did bring the truck in, the oil change was completed first and there was no time for a full and proper inspection to be done. Once again we are extremely sorry about this are reviewing our procedures to ensure this type of concern does not happen again.

    Our records do show that a quote was provided to complete the job you requested. The amount that was quoted was $1, 339.00 (this included a wheel alignment). Chris did offer to reduce this down to $1000.00; which you declined.

    Looking over all the concerns and issues, we are extremely sorry that we were not able to meet your expectations.

  • Br
      16th of Mar, 2012
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    i made the "HONEST" mistake. i said i needed a deal, my credit was declining for late payments to visas and i was interested in consolidating to make just one monthly payment.
    after being insulted and lied to, also wasted better half of a week, finalizing. iwas showed a bloated bill that i sighned. but never recieved my dvd player and sunroof that they would install when they had shop time open. i saw later $3, 500. apear on invoice. and was told my model was an SE+. they were late with my cashback check of less than half what i needed to put on higher interest cards. this is 2 years later and MRC, Canada Chrysler as well as every one else i, ve literally cried to is still ignoring me. even when they know i am now seperated and broke with no job or Van. When I last went to discuss I was met at the entrance and blocked entry.

  • Br
      16th of Mar, 2012
    +2 Votes

    anyone ever here of a DODGE GRAND CARAVAN SE+
    And a "new" car with over 200 km no new smell or any thing extra except noticable teasing
    while signing insurance. The cost $31, 000 plus $12, 500 cashback=$43, 500 +$597 documentation fee+$25 tire advance disposal+$5battery levy+$3088B.C sales tax+$2206G.S.T subtotals $49, 421 cause battry charge placed between taxes.with 6.87%finance charge and amortization Final-Price

    oh yeah business. i could get raped for free. or i can borrow from sharks and be given better treatment. I Cant Finance a ham sandwich now thanks Ian, Steve and espessially ERIC MELVIN ROSE.

  • Po
      3rd of Jan, 2015
    0 Votes

    Dirty rotten thieves !
    My Husband bought a brand new 2011 Dodge Power Wagon truck for $70, 000.00 and it was clunking from day one ! it is now Jan.2015 and we have had this tuck in the shop 15x or more totalling more than 2 months in the shop at Maple Ridge Chrysler ! while having to pay almost $800 per month in truck payments. Every time it was in the shop they swore it was fixed now and sent him on his merry way ! He was there again today and they said "Oh no one told you in time that you could have returned it ! Are you Kidding me ?? Ian Speckman thought it would be an honourable thing to offer us another Power wagon 2015 for only $40, 000.00 more !!! and 4 more years of payments on top of the 3 years we have left to pay off the lemon we bought there in the first place ! No wonder they installed cameras in this place as I can imagine going postal trying to deal with these shysters ! The way they do business there should legitimately be considered a CRIME !! Shame on you MAPLE RIDGE CHRYSLER and SHAME ON YOU IAN SPECKMAN !!!

  • Bi
      17th of May, 2015
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    Don't go here, unless you like lies and dirty tricks. I had a tire problem, but it was a warranty issue. The dirtball told me there was no matching tires, not only there, but within the wholesale system in the entire province.2 weeks until they could get one, so the service manager said. So, after driving on a bad tire that really wasn't safe in the first place, I was expected to drive around on it FOR 2 WEEKS. Oddly enough, I went tgo another Dodge dealer the next day and while they didn't have one in stock, they would be able to get one in 3 hours- from the tire wholesaler. I phoined back and was told again it would be 2 weeks. I politely told them I was coming to park in front of the lot and offer to tell my story to people going in to the lot, they all of a sudden found one.
    This is only one circumstance of the pack o0f lies I was told from the beginning with the salesman to the end with the (un) service department. Too bad, as we bought my wife a new car and I've bought another van for my business.
    As the above comment says- shame on the entire operation.

  • Ka
      12th of Nov, 2015
    +1 Votes

    why don't any of u report to BBB, , i looked and there are only "Good" reports on there, , , , Just saying, , , , , , ,

  • Ke
      20th of Dec, 2015
    -1 Votes

    Replying to Karin Hent post. There would be very few "bad" reports on the BBB website as you have the choice of making a complain to the BBB and having them dealing with it or posting a negative review. You can't do both. So if the above people do decide to report this to BBB then they are not able to post a negative review, , , , , just saying, , , , , , ,

  • Be
      24th of Dec, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Questionable business practices, this is just the latest of a series of problems with MRDC... I canceled a warranty 5 months ago, $3000... FCA Canada confirmed it canceled within a week of filing, 5 month later - no funds have been returned, money just disappeared into someones pocket quickly learns at MRDC money only flows in one direction. Ive been stonewalled, bounced around ... im now up against a wall, my last step at this point is legal action and/or picketing the business. Trust me, stay away from this place, from sales to financing to warranty, headaches and grief.

  • Mi
      19th of Mar, 2016
    +1 Votes

    This place is crap do not go their they cant fix a tire they just move them around with the nail still in it. Also, They called me up to buy my jeep 2014 warngler for $33460 when i got their they seid we will only give you $26000 at this point i seid we agreed on $33460 and he just seid get out we are done. This is not the right way to treat some one on the street why would you do this in a job in customer service. This place will just lie and screw you any way they can do not go here for any problems they are all conmen.

  • Ia
      14th of Mar, 2017
    +1 Votes

    2 vehicles in a row are lemons at MRC. 1st jeep '14, then a '15 ram. These guys are all of the above.. thieves, liars, scam artists, squids, etc I've seen it all there and also heard it all. I have literally had all the same run arounds, yes we fixed it, 22+ times at the dealer in 1.5 yrs. CEL from day one and level 2 engineering at Chrysler is stumped. 2 days ago truck died whilst on the freeway now truck is at coq Chrysler because I can't handle the snakes at MRC. Ian being the queen bee teaches all her minions how to manipulate numbers to elevate the pressures to the mules while he reaps the benefits of the scams. FYI MRC service department is a separate entity than mrc, they are not connected at all legally apparently.

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