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Scarsdale, NY, United States
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I signed up for a Macy's card when I purchased a few items 7 months ago in order to receive a discount on those items. No biggie, very common practice with department stores. Sign up for a card, get a discount. I paid my bill in full, so I had no balance and then I started receiving harrassing phone calls and account statements that showed a new balance. I had not made any additional purcahses. I called the customer service line and settled the matter. I asked the service rep repeatedly to confirm that there would be no balance moving forward. Then I received a new statement today that says I owe a $2 balance. I called again, they tried to tell me it was a $2 interest charge (on a balance of $0?), which obviously makes no sense - the $2 charge is actually listed on the account statement as "Fees Charged" and the statement shows $0.00 in the "Interest Charged" column. After 20 minutes waiting for a rep, I asked if Macy's charges me a fee when I have no balance. She said no. She gave me a script about the $2 balance that made no sense. I closed my account. This is exactly the type of nonsense that unnecessarily drives customers away screaming. It took months to fix this, and the fix was a canceled account for Macy's. So disappointing but I had no choice. They invented fees and harassed me. Worst experience ever.

Jan 07, 2016

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