Macy'sno breaks and unfair pay

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The managers refused to let the employees take breaks and yelled at you if you asked for one. By law they are required to give employees breaks, but since they never had anyone to cover the breaks, they would not allow any of the employees to take breaks.In addition I found out that I was being paid way less than all the other employees doing my same job, and I had been with the company a longer time. I was always on time, did my job professionally, so there was no reason I should have been receiving lower pay, and that is discrimination. Because I never received a break and was never allowed to eat I got sick and had to quit. The managers also were told to yell at the employees and give them way too much work for just one person. The company also refuses to hire more employees to help out because they are trying to save money. It is a very unfair and abusive job environment.

May 25, 2016
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      Jul 20, 2016

    In Illinois, only hotel attendants are legally entitled to rest breaks. Otherwise, the state law only provides that employers must provide a meal break for anyone who is scheduled to work 7.5 straight hours. The meal break must be at least 20 minutes long and start no later than 5 hours after your shift begins. Federal law does not mandate that employers provide meal or rest breaks.

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