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Actually, this should be a -3 stars because working at Macy's is a joke! I can only speak for my own store and experience but if you are in Houston, Tx DO NOT go to the West Oaks Mall Macy's. The managers are lazy and delegate all their responsibilities to the AST members and then yell at them for not getting their duties done. Speaking as an employee no wonder the turn over is so high. It's the most unprofessional, catty hostile work environment I have ever worked at. Employees are written up for everything from not making sales to not smiling enough (true story). The store manager shops and puts merchandize in her office till it goes on sale so she can get it for pennies on the dollar. The store looks like crap and no one has loyalty. I am sorry but when you are nit picked to death, you as a employee don't have much "Magic" to spread around. No wonder your satisfactory rating is below 50%. I hope this location closes in the near future. Even as a customer I will not shop in my store. Actually, this experience has closed me off from ever shopping at Macy's ever again.

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      Jul 23, 2011

    Macys is working very hard to be the next Borders Books in retail history.

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  • Ch
      Jul 28, 2011

    First off, i was recently laid off from my job in June. Im a college student and dont get financial aid because my parents make too much money. I had heard from some people that macys was hiring (Hmm i wonder why). I loathe retail. I used to work at forever 21 and even i witnessed alot of crap. Im pretty sure i can handle macy because forever 21 is a messy, hectic, and stressful place. I had been applying for stores for a whole month and macys was the only place that responded. Anyways, i purposely put on my application i couldnt work friday, sat and sunday nights. I know how those retail stores work. I knew they would schedule me for the ### hours so i didnt put them down. Aftering offering me the position, the guy said friday, saturday and sunday nights were the only hours available. Plus, being scheduled for those orientation days tues/thurs is ridiculous. I go to school tues and thurs and i dont understand why those are the only days that are offered. Uggh i knew at that moment that macys wasn't going to be as understanding and helping as i thought it to be but, being a person that has bills to pay (car insurance, car note, food, gas etc) i told them that i could work those hours as "on-call." I am pretty sure i am going to regret working there, but i dont plan on staying for long. I just needed something to get me buy till october till im done with school and move.

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