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Macy's - don't ever work here

Okay now where do I begin. Macy's is one of the worst places to work at for several reasons:

1. They change your schedule without telling you

2. They lie about fitting your school schedule! They expect you to live your life for macy's

3. They treat the employees poorly and unless you open up 2-3 macy's cards and make your sales goals every week, it's like you don't exist. Managers will hound you when you don't meet your credit goals but they fail to realized that our economy is bad and people aren't opening credit cards or shopping very much. Also the managers don't know # about the products so how are we supposed to help the customers.

4. The store is always shortstaffed which can cause a bit of stress on the employees as well as the customers. I can't tell you how many times customers have been mad because there wasn't an associate available. Not only that but sometimes people call out a lot so sometimes people from other depts have to help out in different areas, and sometimes leaving 1 person working in a big area alone. I don't understand why in almost 4 years of working there, there has never been enough people. Also how can we deter theft without enough associates on the floor?

5. The managers almost never have a right answer to help the customers which can be very annoying.

6. Some of the employees steal your customers and if you work in a commission area (Shoes, fine jewelry, cosmetics) that can be a real pain in the #. If you ever go the coach handbag section there's some old ladies there that will hover and hound you to buy the expensive items in the area. How annoying is that! People do not want to be smothered for any reason but they don't understand that

7. A lot of the customers are very rude and extremely cheap

8. The return policy sucks. Customers can return stuff within 6 months with a reciept which is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too lenient because some customers bring things back after 5 months and it's messed up and stuff.

Word to the wise never ever ever ever ever work at macy's you will regret it.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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, US
Feb 26, 2016 10:19 am EST

Executives should set an example! If one has an affair with your husband which results in a divorce, how can this person ever be respected with no moral values. Yes, it takes two and I lost respect for my husband as well which led to a divorce. With that saying, how can that executive be a leader?

San Jose, US
Nov 16, 2012 1:46 am EST

The sales goals we are given daily are so unrealistic it is not even funny. And our store has some of the cheapest customers on the planet. I had a customer actually ### when a shirt on clearance rang up to be $3.50. She actually complained that she thought it would be less than that. It makes me sick to my stomach why these people shop at dept. stores but want to pay bargain basement/goodwill prices. And like it was stated above they raid the clearance racks and then want to use coupons for everything even going so far is to divide their items into several transactions so they can use more than one. Very rarely does any of the new stock sell. Even items 25%-30% hardly get touched. The only stuff I ring up is the 50%-75% off. I am so over it. And management in my store is too busy hiding in the back to see what is going on.

, US
Jun 29, 2012 4:22 pm EDT
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Wrote this 6/29/12:
Hey, I just started working at macys almost a month ago. I work in shoes, My first day working commission was two days ago. Goal 545 (sold 522). Yesterdays goal was 767.(sold 560) Both working just 4 hours. Will the goal keep increasing?
What happens if you have a low sales volume?
How can I get outta the hole if they keep increasing my goal?

What are ways I could possibly be fired? (not opening credit, not meeting 100% goal or low Items per transaction [1-2 shoes] )

I am already dealing with other employees stealing my sales btw; would have made my goal if they hadn't
One employee took the sale that I put on hold for a lady because SHE didn't actually buy them, the friend she was with did[who I also helped!]. They were still the shoes I FOUND and waited on her for. He came up to me and told me what he did like it was a favor to me to explain why HE took the sale! He has worked there 5 years and is full time. I didnt realize how pissed I should be until later... I tried to just brush it off at first. Ive put 5 items on hold for customers, doubt I'll get credit for any of them unless I work 24/7 and work with them again.
Worked today. 9:30am to 1:30.
I pissed my coworkers off because they were swamped when my shirt was over; both of the 2 registers where I was gonna clock out were being used plus there were 4 ppl in one line and 3 in the other. As soon as I came into view from the backroom 2 customers asked me for shoes, one being the 3rd women in line. She was still 3rd in line when I got the shoes for her. I went back out to help the mob.
I was back getting shoes 10 mins later and one of my coworkers says "weren't you off at 130? (its around 2" "yes.- me" her- " you shouldn't take customers when you're supposed to be off."
I understand that but literally when 3 people are coming up to me and 3+ people are in line I'm not gonna be like "Sorry, I'm off. You can wait for someone to help you."
The girl that made that comment told another girl that came in at 2:15 and the girl that came in called the manager on staff and told on me, so she came and was like "you need to clock out as soon as youre done with a customer (who I was working with for 30+ mins bc she bought 6 pairs of shoes)

Another thing is I spent an hour with a lady and she put -10-! shoes on hold. For sure getting at least 6 of them. She said she'd be back today but since I won't be there I doubt I'll get the sale >:[

The Old Sheriff
Acworth, US
Jun 29, 2012 4:10 pm EDT

certainly.. just ask drenda

, US
Jun 29, 2012 4:09 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

can you give me some advice?

Aiea, US
Jun 05, 2012 5:40 pm EDT

yup that pretty much sums up my collective experience with working for macys as well! and i would also like to add to your list: (
9. they rate your productivity (how much of an asset you are to them) based on a scorecard-a point system for making your quotas for sales volume, average sale, items per transaction and how many credits you make, with sales volume goal giving the highest number of points (65 pts.) and the rest get 7-15 pts each. so that basically means if you don't make your sales quota consistently every day, you won't score very high on your scorecard, because you would have missed the bulk of the pts from the sales volume goal. all the sales volume is telling you is really just how much you are ringing sales up at the register! it doesn't take into account if you actually SERVICED the customers you are ringing at all or not-which is actually a big part of our job, i mean, that is how you build the sale, right? "magic selling" means making a connection with the customer, inspiring them to buy more, yadayadayada. I can magic sell all day for all i'm worth, but if the customer isn't done shopping and goes to another department or i have to take my lunch break, or i'm busy with another customer (see #4 above), they are just going to check out at the nearest available register, because it's not like we're getting commission, so they don't feel compelled to wait for us just to check out-there's no store policy in place that says you have to pay for your stuff before going to another department (aside from commission dept). Also, the associate at the reg. is not likely to ask if anyone had assisted them, they will just see the load of stuff you helped the customer find, and think how lucky they are to be at the reg, at the right time to snag the sale and how fast they are going to make their goal today! So tell me how the scorecard directly relates to your actual performance of your duties, (because that is how they are determining how much to increase your pay by each year) and tell me how magic selling is supposed to directly raise your scorecard. All i've learned is you can service the customer and build the sale, but they are not necessarily going to check out with you, for various reasons, so you won't get your sale credited to you, so management thinks your just sitting on your ### all day twiddling your thumbs so they give you a ### 10-25 cent raise per year!
10. it's hard as hell to make your goal when your busy with customer service, clearing out the fitting rooms and maintaining your area, and when just about everything in your department is on sale or clearance AND the customer wants to use her coupons on top of already low prices, and when you can't even get on the registers b/c some employees stay there all day and don't do jack ### else but ring. and then they rank all associates on the percentage of sales goal they made the day before and reward them at the morning meetings, when their sales goal was miniscule in relation to yours, so they ended up with like 500% of their goal, and that means they are the top producing employees in the store. a perfect example: one of the ladies down in fine jewelry had a sales goal one day of $16 (wtf! ya, i know-right?! fyi-my goal was 2504 that day...). she made one sale of a pair of earrings and was top of the list the next day with 625% of her sales volume goal. meanwhile, i busted ### all day and STILL ended up only 87% of my goal, and not even on the darn list...and that is how the cookie crumbles here at macy's. eventually you just start not caring about making your goal and your scorecard, and just focus on making the customer happy (hey, isn't that one of our core values?!) and letting the other more cutthroat competitive brown-nosed ### fight over the customers at the register just to get a "goodie" from mgmt.

Gee, am i bitter much? lol! and that's not even the HALF of it...

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