LT Motherboard Store from Aliexpressunethical behavior

C Nov 26, 2017

Dear Support,

After a strange conversation with the salesman who refused to send me my "Single Day" order, he thought I was using another method to discourage me.

This time, my order stuck since 10 days to "Waiting for pickup" state.

Store: LT Motherboard Store

Seller Guarantees: ships out within 4 business days - On-time Delivery 60 days.

On all of my orders successfully on Aliexpress. This is the first time a seller tries to extort money in addition to what I paid.

Thank you in advance for upholding your quality of service

After such a conversation, I do not know how it is possible to trust this strange seller.

LT Motherboard Store from Aliexpress
LT Motherboard Store from Aliexpress

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