Long Johns Silver / The fish was burnt and about 3 pieces of shrimp was somehow burnt also.

Berea KentuckyBerea, United States
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My husband and I haven't been to Long John Silver in about 6 months because of a similar incident. Two people, 3 people if you count the cook, 4 if you count the Manager! saw my 2 pieces of fish was burnt and 3 of the shrimp tasted burnt. This was a carry out at Berea, Kentucky on Aug 18, 2016. For me this the last straw for a Long Johns Silver. This used to be a year ago one of the resturants that was a special treat for us. This place gives AW a bad name. I spent almost 22.00 for a uneatable meal! i certainly feel we deserve a refund!

Aug 12, 2016

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