Long John Silver's/Taco Bell in Cocoa Beach Florida / customer assistance

Cocoa Beach, FL, United States

Took 15 minutes to get through the drive through with only one other cars ahead of me and nobody in the restaurant. Went through the drive through because the entrance had three employees standing outside the door smoking cigarettes. They made a mistake with the car order in front of me because I could see them handing products back and forth. When I finally got to the window, she had to ask me what I had ordered. Then she told me how much my order was and I gave her a twenty. Twice I had to hand the change back because she had given me the wrong amount back in change. THIS PLACE NEEDS HELP. IT IS BEING RUN LIKE A PLAYGROUND. I live in the area and hate to see business go under because of poor management.

May 17, 2017

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