Long John Silver'squality and service

Today way 1PM I went to the drive thru window at LJS in Fort Smith Arkansas. when I placed my order the employee responded "wait wait wait let me catch up with you" he repeated my order incorrectly and said what drink, I attempted to correct him and he cut me off and said "what drink" rather aggressively. This is the 4th bad experience that I have had at this location. I am very disappointed with the lack of customer service and lack of food quality at this location.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Fort Smith, ARI have been a loyal customer of LJS for 30 years and go out of my way to get to the restaurant which is 10 miles from my work. But I think this is my last visit. my husband and I have repeatedly received poor quality food and deplorable customer service. I suppose this location is a franchise they do not in anyway meet my expectations for a Long John Silvers. if this is the acceptable product and service for the company then you as a company no longer deserve my business

Apr 28, 2017

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