Long John Silver's / management

Galax, VA, United States

My daughter is employees at the Galax VA location, although she shows up everyday, does her job, and never calls out, the store manager decided to just keep cutting her schedule week by week planning on taking her off the schedule, needless to say I told her to just go ahead and quit, the funny thing is that it was done because one of the assistants decided to be a smart with her and when she said something about him working without his uniform he told her to go home, this store manager has 2 assistants which are husband and wife, at one point the wife was working at Walmart but left on the schedule at long John's so her husband was working under his name and then under name so they could both get a check even though this is considered fraud, if you would like to contact me I can give you their names and you can get a work record from Walmart and see that even though she was clocked in at Walmart she was also working at long John's at the same time, I believe that would fraud on the store manager and the 2 assistants, not to mention the store manager never works past 4 or so but gets paid for many more hours then he works, trust me I know how social media works and if you as a company allow this type of fraud then maybe everyone should know I am sure that everyone like to know what type of management you have at this location and that the 2 assistants have their children sitting in the lobby for hours while they work, seems to me that as long as the manager Joey gets to leave and work what he wants he could care less about the impression of the buisness.

Jun 21, 2017

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