Long John Silvers / drive-thru cashier

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At 4:06 pm on 11/21/2016, a drive-thru cashier told me my total for an order of fried clams was $1.69. I then gave her 11dimes, 16 nickels and 4 pennies and received my order of clams. She asked "would you like sauces", I said "no", and she closed the window. Counted change and dropping it in her draw, she then opened the window and claimed "miss, you only gave me $0.69". I gave her a scolding stare and said, "I gave you 10 extra dimes". Then she smirked, stating in a smuggly, "i'll tke care of it". Gaving me a devious glare and quickly closed the window. I believe she's purposely cheating your customers. She's a white female with dark pulled back hair, appeared late 20's, and suspicious.

Nov 21, 2016

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