Long John Silvers / poor service/customer service/cleanliness

Dayton, OH, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 937-329-4361

July 26, 2011

Andra Ford
2219 Revere Ave. Apt 10
Dayton, Oh 45420

Dear Long John Silvers,

I am writing to you about my recent visit, and experience that my boyfriend and I think you should be aware of. On Friday, April 15, 2011, after a long day, we were both starved. We drove by 2 other restaurants, and then decided to go into your store location #31691 located at 4916 Airway Rd in Dayton, Oh.

Upon entering, we were immediately greeted and asked for our order. I told the cashier that I’d like a second. This was no problem. I placed an order for 2 shrimp dinners, and then decided to order 3 extra pieces of fish to go with the order. The fish were ringed up separately. We paid for the orders, and proceeded to sit at one of the round top tables and wait for our order. About 2 minutes later a girl came to the counter and told us the fish were done. I explained that they went with the 2 shrimp dinners. She gave me a snarled look, threw the fish on the counter and shoved it back. Then, she walked away with a sour face.

While this was taking place, my boyfriend went to use the rest room. Upon entering, he says, he was overcome from the urine smell, urine all around the urinal, No paper towels, but trash and paper towels all over the floor, the trash can was over filled. We both saw a large female black girl mopping the rear dining area. As we both have worked in restaurants, we know how closing can be. But we both agree that the girl mopping probably should have swept the floor first. Because as she was slinging the mop, the food on the floor was going everywhere. The tables in the front of the store didn’t look like they had been cleaned for some time. The store looked like it really needed some cleaning. EVERYWHERE.

When we got home, the fish was cold, but the shrimp warm. We both had NO coleslaw with our shrimp dinners. And I was not able to contact anyone at the store as they were now closed.

I have thought about calling the Health Department, but thought that I should just write a letter to you about the locations need for a good cleaning. Kinda glad I didn’t see the kitchen….. I LOVE Long John Silver’s and they’ve been around since I was young. I can remember the first one in my neighborhood. We would like to visit again. But are Leary of this location. There isn’t another one around for miles.

I hope that this helps your manager at this store realize that people want what they pay for. And how important it is for a restaurant to be clean and the associates to be pleasant. Even if they don’t want to be there.


Andra L.Ford

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