Long John Silver's / coleslaw, rice, tartar sauce

Friday, July 27, 7:10 p.m., Scranton-Carbondale Hwy store in Dickson City, PA
Ordered an 8-piece family meal of all fish (wish I had saved the receipt to give you better feedback, but I tossed it when I got my food.
Our order was$18.01 if that helps.

Family size cole slaw had almost no mayonnaise in it. It was more like cut cabbage. No one ate it.

Rice was undercooked. Crunchy and dry.

And about your packets of tartar sauce... I realize it had been a while since I got take out, but no pickle in the sauce? I know it says on the oacjket there is pickle in there, but the "tartar sauce" doesn't resemble real tartar sauce, and it is very runny.


Thanks for listening.

Long John Silver's
Long John Silver's

Jul 27, 2018

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