LG DVD LH-TK250power supply

I am an American living in Spain who was looking for a DVD player with a hard drive to record programs while I am at work. Besides a programmed record mode, I was looking for a machine that can record in 2 languages (in Europe, many American shows are shown in translation, but a second audio channel offers the English audio feed).

The LG 497H seemed to fit the bill. The shop assistant assured me that yes, indeed, it could record in 2 languages, and of course, it had a programmed record setting. I bought the apparatus.

When I connected it, I found that it was capable of recording in English when I manually hit the record button. But, I could NOT record in English when I programmed it. After 2 days of configuring and trying every possible thing I could think of to get it to record in English using the programmed recording mode, I gave up and decided to contact customer services.

13 days later, I received a reply. The machine can only record in a second language if you are at home. It is impossible to record in a second language using programmed recording. What's worse, the store that I purchased the DVD player from has a 2-week return policy. Since LG took 13 days to respond to my one question, I cannot return it. LG has begged my pardon, but made clear that they will not return my money, nor will they exchange it for a DVD player capable of 2-language programmed recording.

I feel violated. The customer service rep argued that nowhere in the owner's manual does it claim that the 2-language recording and programmed recording work together. This is laughable! I asked if LG's television manuals claim that the audio and video can work together at the same time?

So, the LG RHT 497H was designed poorly. This is to say, some engineer thought it would be a good idea to allow for dual language recording, and a good idea to allow programmed recording, but overlooked completely the fact that someone might want to use the 2 features together.

And, LG's Spain Customer Service Department took nearly 2 weeks to answer a simple question, which resulted in my being unable to return the poorly designed product.

And, despite my having pointed out both the design flaw, and the poor customer service which has caused me such trouble, LG has begged my forgiveness, but refused to help me!

Thanks for Nothing LG!


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