LG RC199Hproduct is junk


I purchased a LG RC199H DVD recorder/VHS combo from Best Buy and the dvd player lasted about 9 months. I sent the product to LG and they told me that I needed a new dvd player. I paid them $70.00 to install the new dvd player. The second dvd player worked for about 6 months and then went bad. I called LG and they said I only had a 90 day warranty on the repair. This product is a piece of junk. I find it amazing that both dvd players lasted for such a short period of time and that they do not consider this a design defect. LG sells junk and I will never purchase another product with the Zenith/LG name on it. Best Buy should be ashamed of itself for selling their junk products. When you search the internet you will find that numerous other people have the same complaint. Someone needs to start a class action suit against these guys.


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    Chip Nov 23, 2008

    Your problem with the LG RC-199H is exactly the same as mine. I too had it repaired (for $60 - under partial warranty) and after a few months of rare use, it is failing again. Now parts are not available. After reviewing complaints on the internet, it seems this is clearly a lemon product. LG should be forced to offer a free extended warranty on this piece of junk. I will never buy an LG product again. Lesson learned.

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    Dewey Zeeble Feb 21, 2009

    I have the same problem. I got my first fixed but it only lasted about 6 months. Piece of junk, and the customer service was not helpful at all. No more LG for me, in fact, they should change their name to NG (No Good)!

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    ShalomKK Oct 19, 2009

    I have the exact same problem !!! The DVD does not play. The machine "Reads" the DVD disk and after a few seconds, ejects the DVD. I did not bother repairing and throwing good money after bad.
    A class action suit is definitely in order !!!

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