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We purchased a LG dishwasher for $800.00 from Best Buy along with the maintenance agreement. Two months ago, August 2017, I called Best Buy to let them know the dishwasher was making an odd rumbling sound. They sent out a repair man who was here no more than 10 minutes to tell me the dishwasher probably had a seed or some loose food rumbling around and the dishwasher was just fine. September 12th I called Best Buy again because now the dishwasher was not cleaning or drying the dishes at all. I was told that it would be 2 weeks before a repairman would be out. Two weeks went by, a man from the “Geek Squad’ arrived. He looked at the dishwasher and quickly surmised that the motor was not working. Of course he did not have the motor with him; he advised he would have to order it.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Everett, WA I asked how long that would take, and he said at the most 10 days. It has been an entire month since I first called in the repair and I still do not have a working dishwasher or have yet had anyone return. I called Best Buy today, October 10th asking where we were in repairing my dishwasher and was informed that the part order had been cancelled. I asked, why? The woman said she was sorry, but that she really did not know why. She said she would turn in an order to reorder the motor. I asked how long would that take? Four days, but that she would put a rush on it. This is unbelievable to me. No one called to let me know that there had been a cancellation in the order, no one called to let me know there was a delay. Of course I have to take time off work everytime the repairman comes out.
I vow never to buy a single thing from Best Buy again.

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  • Ud
      Aug 01, 2008
    LG Dishwasher - inferior quality
    United States

    LG top price dishwasher, 18 months old:
    MOTOR BROKEN - leak into apartment below, ran through ceiling fan

    repair cost: almost $ 400 (+ wallboard, repaint, new ceiling fan...)
    finally found 1 single repair agency - waiting a month now
    - repair man recognized horrible sound: happens all the time

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  • Do
      Mar 02, 2009

    I am currently having the same problem. The motor on our lg dishwasher went in just over 2 yr of use. This is the 3 rd problem we have had with our dishwasher the 1st was in the first 2 months of owning it. . The problem is not with best buy but with lg itself. LG is terrible about having knowledge on thier own product, service help, getting parts, Now that I can get the parts it will be over $600 plus labor, the motor is only covered under warrenty for 2 yrs. so now my high end dishwasher is done in as well as my pocket book. My advice shop best buy, Just DON'T BUY LG>>>>>

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  • Ne
      Jun 16, 2010

    I detest LG. Huge waste of time, money- aggravation level through the roof. My dishwasher has never worked properly... doesn't clean, doesn't dry, takes too long to cycle. Pump went bad- not covered by warranty. 5 weeks, $350 to get a new one that has gone out after only 4 months. (There is only a 90 day warranty of the pumps) This company should not be allowed to sell in the US. I'm writing off my losses and buying a GE. New Orleans

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