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about repairing delay of my macbook air 2018

652121 Job no-UAP/APIT1/0120W0040 There are display patches in my macbook air 2018 and it's one year warranty is not expire.(03/jan/2020) Then i gave it to your Apple repair center...

acer laptop

652121 we trust you and buy from your company. I brought the laptop it is not even 5 months. There is a problen in the the hard disk. After I gave it to for warrenty told me to come...

lg f/auto top loader washing machine

Lg / auto top loaderwashine machine 10.5 kg Model no wf-t1054mj Item code 703twhx2u577 Invoice no 47-cs-24656 date of purchase 07 july 2017 I purchased the above details lg...

air conditioner

I baught a LG inverter AC from maharagama abans and they said I will get Three free services and need to service after four months.Now it has gone 5 months and I have called...

defective product/ poor customer care service.

Purchased a fridge from abans duty free on 22.07.2019. For us$ 575 (rs 100, 625/=). To my horror it did not cool. Abans service dept checked the fridge and stated it is a ga...

poor customer service

My complaint to you is about your service at your showroom at Kottawa. The staff over there is not at all customer friendly and not interested to promote the products. The manager...

Abans Rathmalana — air conditioner

i purchased a 24000 btu ac feom abans rathmalana and i changed it to a 18000 btu but im supposed to get my balance money of 29000 on the 14 th of may which they promised to give...

Abans and Buy Abansabans jvc tv and 24000 btu ac

Buy abans sold me damaged not functioning jvc tv twice. Both times I went and collect the replacement letter from wellawatte service center which so annoying and then went to buy abanse office and handed over the product for replacement and 2nd time they said they don't have stock and can't replace it and asked me to wait a week and they told me they will contact me after a week. So, I was waiting a week and since they didn't give me any update, I again went to buy abans and asked about it and they gave me the same response. I think they should have refund me but they didn't. So I decide to pay additional amount and buy a ac yet they didn't dilever it. When I call aravinda, buddika at buy abans they were saying various reasons and then not answering calls. I called hot line, a lady told it will be delivered today but it never happend. So please avoid buy things from abans and buy abans.

Service, hot line never works, selling damaged items

abans jvc tv and 24000 btu ac

Abans Online Shopping — abans it service center, colombo 03

I bought my Dell inspiration laptop from Abans online shopping and after 6 months it was not working. Then I handed over to Abans IT service at Colombo 03 on 09/08/2018. They...

Abansrepair of tumbler dryer

Estimate number: kdw18f00023
Job card number: kohvdw010818f005
Dated 1st august 2018

Hoover tumbler dryer 8kh model: vhv68c-80

With much regret this mail is been sent in respect of the following.

1) the above captioned equipment was bought from abans show room kandy in december 2015. 2 months ago the equipment seized functioning and kandy service center was called. regret to say that the telephone numbers given are not attended properly and it is very difficult to contact the kandy service center, finally after much persuasion got the number of the manager mr. nuwan and was able to speak to him only once. after that he never responds to any calls. however, the defect was identified and a request was made to replace the main pcb of the unit. please note that during all these (it took several weeks) no one mentioned that we have to deliver the equipment to their workshop.
2) since it was very difficult to get a response from kandy, I had to push the kandy showroom staff to get me a contact in colombo and the number for the dgm service was obtained. after speaking to him I was able to get a little response from kandy.
3) finally the pcb was brought to the site and on fixing it did not function properly and the technician mentioned that the sensors could be defective and requested the unit to be sent to the workshop, which was done immediately.
4) since then I had to put a lot of effort to get any response from the kandy service center and finally was able to get the contact of ms kanchana who handled this matter. but getting a response from her too was very difficult. a revised estimate was requested for the complete repair and as of now I have not received one. only a verbal amount was stated as about 32, 000 slr
5) finally I received a call from ms. kanchana yesterday (16.08.2018) saying that the sensors have arrived and the repairs will be completed yesterday. and I will be receiving the new estimate yesterday, which I didn't.
6) today when I called I was informed that ms. kanchana is on leave and when inquired about the repair I was told that wrong parts were sent and it does not match and they have to get down new parts again. I questioned them as how if an equipment model and the part number is correctly provided that they received the wrong part and during this conversation the phone line got disconnected.
7) since this has taken too long and I was unable to resolve this and was unable to decide whether to get this unit repaired or buy a new unit, I tried to contact dgm colombo with no success.
8) finally with no other recourses left, I called the call center and spoke to one mr chamika and explained (complained at about 10.25 am today). while I was on line mr chamika contacted the kandy service center and was informed that they have the correct part and the repair is been done, which is very funny. first they say wrong part has been sent and the call center is being told that the correct part is there.


1) being a well reputed establishment why is it so difficault to get a simple repair (not really a repair only replacement of parts) done and is so difficault to contact the service center??
2) why is anybody when contacted is unable to give a possitive feedback or atleast call or email us back as always promissed but not attended to??
3) whay can't an esimate or quotation provided properly??
4) howcome when the equipment is at the workshop the correct spare part cannot be obtained. telling that the part obtained was the wrong one??
5) after all this can we rely on the repairs done by your service center and how will we know that a proper job has been done??
6) and considering all this can anyone purchase any equipment from abans with an ease of mind so that they will have good use of it and get them rectified if there is an issue??

I do not know if this is a lapse on just one of your outlets or in general. but a lapse on one person too can affect the whole organization.

Will anyone who has resposibility in mind and care for the organization they work take these matters seriously.

Note: while typing this mail I received a call from a lady in colombo dgm's office inquiring this matter and was informed that I will be reached after looking into this. hope that promise will be fulfilled.

Thank you.
Note: after much effort the problem was not resolved and had to pull back the unit from the workshop.

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