Kohl's / scammed by cashiers

Tupelo, MS, United States
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I was scammed by 2 cashiers at the same counter at kohl's on black friday sale. I bought several items for christmas at kohl's on black friday. I paid cash for the items and was asked if i wanted to save 20 percent by applying for a card. I said sure. I gave them my info, signed the application and was told that i would get a letter in the mail stating the status of the credit card. A few weeks later i got the card in the mail, put it in my purse and went on about my day. In early january, i got a call saying i was late on my card payment. I said that i had never used that card. They stated the items purchased and i agreed but stated that i had paid cash for them on black friday and only filled out an application for a kohl's card to save 20 percent. They stated that i needed to talk to the fraud dept and file a complaint. So i did. They were nice about it and stated they would investigate, even stating first that they had a video to review and i said please do, that it would prove that i paid cash. Only later they said that they didn't have the video after all. After corresponding back and forth several times, i get a letter today saying that they have my signature where i charged the items which was really only my signature the cashier told me to sign for the card. They've also charged huge interest rates while they're so called "investigating". It looks as if they're not going to relent on these charges and i'm just stuck being scammed by a cashier which infuriates me to no end!!! Is there anything else i can do?? I would rather pay a lawyer than pay these fraudulent charges. Please help!! Lynn ritchie

Mar 17, 2014

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