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At a hotel last weekend our vehicle along with 7 others in the parking lot were broken into. We had merchandise taken that was purchased on our Kohls charge as well as on American Express. While American Express offers a purchase protection plan free of charge and we our card is being credited, Kohls does not. Although the 5 representatives I spoke to at Kohls were all very nice, none could offer any type of compensation other that 30% off a re-purchase, which I often get anyway. When I was asked what I wanted and I suggested a gift card in any amount, I was told they could not do that.

I have been a MVC Kohls customer for 8 years. Because I love Kohls merchandise and prices, I will continue to shop at Kohls, but it will now be much less often. I was in your Kohls store located in Port orange yesterday and was about to make a purchase. I thought gee, I don’t have a charge card so maybe with all the bargains going on I should get one. I have excellent credit and never, never, before in my life have I been denied a credit card. I was shocked and put out. I was holding up a line and everyone around me was aware of my problem. How embarrassing! Why in the world didn’t they just send me to the office to take care of the matter insead of leaving me in that line with everyone getting backed up and getting angry at me for holding up that line.

After I made the purchase and was denied I tried to get answers as to why and no one could help me. I went to the service desk and they let me use their phone with a direct line to the main service department. They couldn’t help me either. I was told someone would contact me within a few days. That is not what I wanted to hear……So I returned my merchandise, told them to forget my application for a charge card and don’t bother me again. I do not like giving out personal data when it is going to sit in some bank station on some computer where who knows what will happen to it. But I do want an answer as to why I was denied and I don’t want to wait for some stupid mail letter.

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  • Id
      26th of Apr, 2012

    Perhaps the AMEX incident did something to your credit rating. You should check this at least 4 times a year. Too many open lines of credit aren't good.

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  • Ke
      17th of Jul, 2012

    Honestly, demanding purchase protection from a store credit card is pretty lame. That's what we carry insurance for, to cover the contents of a break in. I fail to see why Kohl's is in any way responsible for your sad circumstance. One of the selling points of an AMEX, is that kind of protection. With Kohl's, it's the discounts provided for holding their credit card.

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  • Du
      19th of Jul, 2012

    Kohl's really doesn't have any obligation to replace your stolen merchandise. If they did this sort of thing, people would magically be getting robbed quite often.

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