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I've been shopping at this store since it opened and have always received excellent customer service. Just last week a young man went above & beyond to help me find what I needed. He was delightful.

In a time when retailers are trying to lure shoppers back into the store, I can guarantee I won't be returning after my experience today.

My husband and I stopped to buy a winter coat. Not only was the department extremely messy and the stock very disorganized, the selection was very sparse. We finally found a coat, but not the size we needed. We couldn't find a salesperson, so we went to the Customer Service desk. "Customer service" referred us to a self-serve kiosk. It was tucked into a very crowded and blocked niche. It barely worked. After 20 minutes trying to order 1 item, a manager was finally able to get our order processed. The manager explained that no one in the store can help a client order a product that is not in stock.

Since when does customer service rely on a malfunctioning kiosk? My money can better be spend where I am valued as a customer. I can tell you that I felt completely devalued as a client and a person.

Nov 19, 2017
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  •   Nov 19, 2017

    Oh my goodness, where to start?
    First, they were busy, you said so yourself. You think the employees made the damn mess? They are running their [censor] off trying to clean up after rude self entitled biddies like you. There was a sparse selection: it is CHRISTMAS shopping time. It was BUSY. Are you that stupid? Customer Service does NOT order for you that is why they have the kiosk, which is NOT hard to use if you have half a brain cell and follow the damn directions. The manager is right: THEY CAN NOT HELP YOU ORDER SOMETHING THAT IS OUT OF STOCK. Please, do them all a favor and SHOP ONLINE.

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  • Po
      Nov 20, 2017

    It sounds like one isolated negative experience. Mistakes and technical issues do happen unfortunately. You should be more understanding after so many positive experiences. Never visiting the store again seems like an overreaction, but it is your right. I'm glad you don't consider yourself a loyal customer.

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