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Kohl's Charge Card / Unfair Credit Reporting Practices

1 San Ramon, CA, United States

Kohl's as always, offers tremendous discounts with opening of their charge card. In a moment of weakness I signed up which turns out to be the WORST decision I ever made.

From the beginning, I never received statements. I never even received the card. I had to call to obtain access to my account online and make payments. I ended up making a large return in a store where the associate told me my account had a zero balance.

A month later I check my credit report to see a late payment reported to my credit from Kohls. Believing this was an error, because how could Kohl's, a "reputable" company not contact me about a balance owed before reporting me to the credit bureau?! This had to be an accident. I contact Kohl's who tells me yes there was a payment due, I did not have a zero balance as i was told in the store. There was a balance of less than $50 and a payment of $29 PAST DUE which is what they reported.

They confirmed they did report and will not remove. I kindly reminded them that I had never received statements in the mail or online and that I called to inform them of this and still never received anything. They conveniently indicate no record of this call. I had NO idea there was a balance based on the information THEY gave me.

I called customer service department who informed me that she DID NOT know when or for what the payment had been reported.

She stated the finance department handles that but denied my request to speak to them or get any additional information.

• I asked for terms and conditions that show me what Kohl's policies are for late payments and credit reporting. I was informed this information is NOT AVAILABLE.

This information detailing their policies (That I am upheld to) are not public information and that instead, she would mail it to me. Which I would receive in 7-10 days. Please note: To this date, I have never received these policies in writing to confirm what your policies even are.

I quote the Kohl's rep " terms and conditions are different for every single customer. No terms and conditions are listed online. I can send them to you personally."

The rep, Morgan, also agreed that this information should be readily available to your consumers.

• I never received ANY written correspondence in regards to late payments, payments due, or credit bureau reporting. No bills, emails or letters stating I was past due or being reported. Nothing.

• Ironically, during this time of lack of correspondence, I received several pieces of marketing mail with coupons and flyers enticing the use of additional credit card purchases.

After filing a dispute via email I receive a call from Bethany at the office of the president who continues to tell me they will not remove the reporting. She has no record of my call informing them I was not receiving statements and they will not remove because SHE shows that none of the statements being returned meant they had sent them. She also told me the conversation with their Rep Morgan had also given me incorrect information and that their terms ARE online which outline their policies.

They do not send notifications that they are reporting you. They are underhanded and overly aggressively report you without proper notification or opportunities for you to correct.

I asked Bethany if this is a scenario that she hears often to which she replied no, this is not a common complaint.

Here are several thousand other Kohl's customers who have had similar and almost identical interactions with Kohl's credit reporting practices.
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Kohl's does not make an appropriate and ETHICAL attempt to communicate with customers who have payments due. Their blatant disregard for their customers is disgusting and truly disappointing.

Aug 6, 2015

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