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Kmart / unprofessional pharmacist

1 Woodstock, IL, United States Review updated:

Woodstock Illinois Kmart pharmacist Gail Goldsmith was rude, belligerent, argumentative, and unprofessional.

During a recent visit a pharmacy clerk informed me that Kmart pharmacy was permanently closing and the matter of my records became a topic of discussion, at first, then argument. I quizzed them on whether or not my records would be available at another local Kmart. I was told no. To me that made no sense since they use a national computer system on a networked computer. I raised this issue and the clerk didn't know what to say, so she called over pharmacist Gail Goldsmith.

Right from the start she seemed in a foul mood. She claimed the records had been sold to another local pharmacy chain. I then asked since its a national computer system shouldn't my records be available at another local store. Gail Goldsmith seemed to object to my question (or even me asking a question) and interrupted me rudely, telling me to listen as if I was a misbehaving child. This surprised me: WHY was I taking orders from her?

She restated the same position as if I wasn't listening. At that point I said this is a computer issue, something I know a bit about, to which she interrupted me, ordering me to use "your 2 ears and listen" as if I was a recalcitrant school boy.

What she refused to listen to is that I began my programming career in 1984 and soon was hired by a consulting firm with clients world wide, many of which are household names.

Records are stored in a database by customer number and all transactions (drug purchases) are linked by customer. And the records exist physically within a database. Even if the local records were sold to a local pharmacy the data would still be contained within the Kmart national computer system and therefore available to another store with a networked computer. But Gail Goldsmith refused to listen to this explanation, but rather, to smart off to and insult me.

Never having been treated so rudely in my 59 years I was completely flabbergasted. Afterward, I spoke to the store manager to express my concerns. It was then I informed him I could not patronize another local Kmart because the pharmacist might be transferred there. He then informed me that all employees are losing their jobs and she won't be there.

So Gail Goldsmith was taking her anger out on me. Lets be clear about this: that angry employee became mean spirited, rude, and most egregiously - unprofessional. No one should hire that woman again.

Hence, I will NEVER shop at Kmart again, nor should you.

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  • Co
      26th of Feb, 2010
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    Just had almost the same thing happen to me. No advance notice of the pharmacy closing and all records were "sold" to Wally World. This to me is a violation of our medical records privacy rights under HIPAA. They are releasing my information even though their own privacy policy(Kmart) says they need my signature. This whole transaction appears to be done for monetary reasons only and in total disregard for the customers rights. I don't want to do business with Wally World and it would have been easier to transfer my files to another Kmart store. This must be happening at every store they are closing! There was NO advance warning of the pharmacy closing except for a piece of paper at the pharmacy itself just a few days before it closed. The rest of the store won't close until May 9, 2010 so what was the rush to close the pharmacy? The pharmacy closed speedily within 10 days of the store closure notice. Maybe the "SOLD" files were worth big bucks? I have filed 7 complaints and will continue to file them until I exhaust all avenues of pursuit.

  • Il
      5th of Apr, 2010
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    That pharmacy information is data, and data has been bought and sold for at least 30 years, thus making it valuable. Selling customer data is VERY common.

    You made a good point about HIPAA and might be right about violating that law.

    As for selling the data to "China-Mart" that's interesting because they told me it was sold to Osco. China-Mart makes it even worse because the do everything they can to put American suppliers out of business by using the buying strategy called "reverse bidding" where you force vendors into low-bid wars against each other. The winner gets to stay in business, because they get manufacturing contract, and the losers either buy cheap good from China in order to compete or just go out of business.

    And the next infraction by China-Mart is their diabolical treatment of employees: forcing them to work beyond 40 hours OFF the clock to avoid paying overtime, by employing illegal aliens to perform cleaning services and thus denying Americans jobs during a VERY deep recession, and failing to provide health care to the majority of workers, and most egregiously, not paying a livable wage.

    Hopefully no one hire pharmacist Gail Goldsmith because she is rude and brings her personal problems to work and dumping on customers. No one should ever hire Gail Goldsmith.

  • Co
      24th of Apr, 2010
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    Well it's good to hear from you. I have not had the time to file the HIPAA complaints but I will get to it. I was told the files were put up for "bid" so this may confirm your files going to OSCO in your area which may have been the higher bidder? I'm in the middle of numerous other complaints concerning medical bills such as..."Not pre-authorized" so we wont pay the $15K..."oh we lost your 1st appeal"...a doctor that thinks it's chic to bill you 1 tear after services are provided and then puts you in collections...another doctor that keeps billing my "secondary" insurance and I have NO "secondary" insurance and the list goes on.
    Here's some HIPAA info for you and other folks...

    What is “Marketing”?
    The Privacy Rule defines “marketing” as making “a communication about a product or service that encourages recipients of the communication to purchase or use the product or service.” Generally, if the communication is “marketing, ” then the communication can occur only if the covered entity first obtains an individual’s “authorization.”

    This definition of marketing has certain exceptions, as discussed below. Examples of “marketing” communications requiring prior authorization are:
    • A communication from a hospital informing former patients about a cardiac facility, that is not part of the hospital, that can provide a baseline EKG for $39, when the communication is not for the purpose of providing treatment advice.
    • A communication from a health insurer promoting a home and casualty insurance product offered by the same company.

    **********What Else is “Marketing”?**********
    Marketing also means: “An arrangement between a covered entity and any other entity whereby the covered entity discloses protected health information to the other entity, in exchange for direct or indirect remuneration, for the other entity or its affiliate to make a communication about its own product or service that encourages recipients of the communication to purchase or use that product or service.” This part of the definition to marketing has no exceptions. The individual must authorize these marketing communications before they can occur. Simply put, a covered entity may not sell protected health information to a business associate or any other third party for that party’s own purposes. Moreover, covered entities may not sell lists of patients or enrollees to third parties without obtaining authorization from each person on the list.

    For example, it is “marketing” when:
    • A health plan sells a list of its members to a company that sells blood glucose monitors, which intends to send the plan’s members brochures on the benefits of purchasing and using the monitors.
    • A drug manufacturer receives a list of patients from a covered health care provider and provides remuneration, then uses that list to

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