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Kmart Complaints 711

7:20 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Kmart rude employee

Cashier Niema at the Huntington, NY store
Store 9381, is one of the most abrupt and rudest cashiers I have ever dealt with in my life. I am not one to complain at the drop of a hat, but this woman is not doing your company any good, and should not be dealing with the public. She has a scowl on her face, talks 90 miles a minute with a nasty tone, basically she doesn't want customers there, made me feel intrusive to have to drag her over to the register, and basically she made me feel [censor] for even going to KMart and buying $40 worth of clothes. There was nothing difficult or out of the ordinary or problematic about the sale. I have been a customer service manager at my company for many years and having started in customer service. Not only would someone of that low a caliber not get past our screening, but if she did, for some reason, that [censor] attitude would not be tolerated and she'd be out the door in less than a minute. I doubt I'm the only one who has encountered this woman's rudeness, but I'll be damned I'm going to leave a store where I bought merchandise and supported YOUR organization, to be treated by an employee who needs an attitude adjustment, much less shop there again. Plus, I will and have told others about this lousy store ( not about the merchandise, but the experience with the nasty cashier, ). Get rid of her or put her in the stockroom away from the customers. My transaction was done today 10/4/17 @ 2:32 PM, she was at cashier # 6. Thank you for your time. Tom Murphy

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1:03 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Kmart furniture / daybed

We purchased a Day-Bed in the box to be assembled by ourselves. This was important and HAD to be completed by today. We opened the box and found dozens and dozens of pieces and a paper describing what each piece was. BUT...NO INSTRUCTIONS!
We had no idea where to start! I am VERY unhappy with this situation!
ALL the pieces are back in the box. I would either like my money back or have the option of purchasing a floor model. Please allow me to do this. I've been a loyal K-Mart fan for decades!
As our time is limited please reply as soon as possible. Thank You.

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5:04 pm EDT

Kmart kenmore washer

I have never been so disappointed in a company as Im now promised 4 different delivery dates almost 2 weeks for 12 days ordered on the 18 received on the 1 called repeatedly with no answers just another date customers service in your company is Horrible I see why your company is so bad and why kmart are closing I was a faithful customer cheryl lopez very disappointed I'm sure u wont answer

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Update by Sherock2
Oct 03, 2017 5:05 pm EDT

Not satisfied with the washer

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7:52 pm EDT

Kmart unprofessional management and loss prevention - stolen customer property.

To whom it may concern,

On Thursday Sept. 28, 2017 10:45PM-11:00PM (Guam time), I was at Kmart and I was shopping for my trip to the mainland. I was in the infants aisle when my son decided to take off running. I was gone from my cart literally 5 seconds because he only ran about 10 feet from where I was standing, mind you my cart is in full view from where I was. When was looking for my phone to play a video for him while he sat in the cart I realized that I couldn't locate my phone. Within less than 2 minutes I went to customer service and requested for assistance from Loss Prevention. The customer service rep looked like she hated her job and she it seemed as if she didn't want to help me. She called LP and they told her they have to have management approval to review the tapes. I told the rep that it was literally 2-3 minis ago.

After about 30 minis of waiting I asked her if they were going to assist me. She said that they reviewed the cameras but they could not see me with any phone. Here's the thing… She didn't even ask me what area or what department. They just told me that they couldn't find it. I asked them where they were looking AND ONCE AGAIN.. She calls loss prevention and then she asks me where I lost it ! 15 minis later…she told me that LOSS PREVENTION SAID THAT THERE ARE NO CAMERAS FACING THAT AREA! So how did they come up with the answer that they didn't see me with any phone? Pure laziness?

I asked if someone could at least assist me to look in that general area there were only 2 small shelves where I was at. She told me the manager would be out to speak with me. I waited another 15 minis and informed the customer service rep that if no one wanted to help me that I would go to the shelf and search for my phone. I also informed her that I need to take the clothes off the shelf one row at a time to search for the phone and I would put them back as soon as I was done. She called for a manager to be on site and for a staff member to assist me.

When I reached the 2 shelves in the infant aisle there was already 3 people there searching for the phone and the lady who said she was the “manager” that was standing around was drenched in heavy cigarette smoke was saying just call it a loss and she made a comment that she had better things to do than to help me.

I said I was going to write to corporate to let them know about how rude, unprofessional and unethical their customer service was especially coming from a manager.

I was wearing my work uniform at the time of this incident and my co-worker at my company also works part time for K-mart. One of the managers at Kmart was slandering my name and making up stories about what happened and made false allegations about calling the cops (no cops were called because I did not give them any reason to call them) on me because I told them I was writing to corporate. If you watch the video from LP you will clearly see that I did not make a scene or anything close to it and you will see the unprofessional behavior of your employees.

They proceeded to ask my co-worker for my corporate office number to complain about me because they saw where I was working. I feel like they are trying to retaliate against me because I am complaining about their service and because they know someone who works with me they think they have an advantage for their bad behavior. Is this how the people that you hire act? Is this the kind of service you would want to receive? If I wasn't wearing my uniform they wouldn't have anything to go on or even know who I was.

Maybe instead of trying to seek revenge because they can't hold up to their work standards they should try refocusing that energy to be a better worker.

I am completely disgusted with this experience but I look forward to hearing back from your company about this matter.

If I do not hear back I will have no other choice but to make a criminal complaint with our local authorities and also a formal complaint in the Courts of Guam on all the people that assisted me.

My name is Krystle and you can reach me at [protected] or [protected]

FYI and BTW: All your staff should be drug tested, ESPECIALLY MANAGERS! The manager that was sent to "assist me" was clearly on drugs (ice).

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11:32 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Kmart online layaway

I put a nursery glider in layaway online and both times Kmart cancelled my layaway and told me it was out of stock after I payed off. Now I cannot get anyone to help me get my refund for the last cancelled layaway. It was cancelled August 30, 2017 and it's October 2, 2017. I am so frustrated with the customer service people that only give me the round around. I have always been a loyal customer to Kmart .I even would drive 2 hours to the store nearest to me. I will not put anymore online layaways in the future and not shop there anymore. They seem not to have any concerns about refunding my money any time soon but they didn't have a problem taking it.

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7:48 pm EDT

Kmart sale items

Sale signs on shelves state items are on sale but when you get to the register they don't ring up on sale and the cashier calls someone and you show them the sale sign and they tell you that's not for that item or color when the sign is right there on the shelf. I get up set because the sign is right there and they tell you that it isn't on sale so I'am really mad at this point & walk out of the store and don't buy anything. Today was the 3rd time in the last several months that this has happened. There were several other customers in the store that were wanting to buy shoes that the sign said buy on get one at 50% off was told this wasn't for all of the shoes. Went online and the shoes were buy one get one for 50% off for the exact same shoes I was wanting to buy. Will not be going back to the store again after this keeps happening. It is no wonder the Kmart stores are going out of business.

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10:31 pm EDT

Kmart fake genuine diamond necklace / fraud

I was at KMART store closing / all sales final STORE 7606 in HESPERIA, CA today.
I spotted a necklace for 62. 49 from 249.99 Marked, " GENUINE DIAMOND accent!" On the box.
I asked the sales lady Linda what that meant and IF THEY WERE REAL DIAMONDSs, since I wear glasses and I can not see near well. She said, " YES THEY ARE DIAMOND CHIPS!"
I brought home the necklace and looked at it with a magnifying glass, there were NO STONES OF ANY KIND on the necklace! I went back to the store, the manager Jeff said he could not help me, because ALL SALES WERE FINAL, despite the fact that I PAID FOR DIAMONDS AND GOT NOTHING, NO STONES OF ANY KIND!
I called 911. in the mean while Jeff called the corporate office upon my request.
Patty at the corporate office in Filipins said the same thing, " ALL SALES FINEL!"
She also appointed me a CASE #5267727
At the same time I received a call from Apple Valley Police Dept. with an
AVPD Incident # HE [protected]
On a positive note,

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1:38 pm EDT

Kmart employee being disrespected

I am a Kmart employee at the Kmart in Clemmons, NC. For one, the whole environment is unprofessional and full of drama. Managers talking behind employees back on walkie-talkies. I have been one of the people that have been talked about. I called to discuss my schedule and being able to take off one day and switching it or finding a compromise for my next week schedule because I was supposed to be off the whole next week and the following day I was scheduled to come in it was a late notice that I would have to take care of my grandmother who is ill. The HR was disrespectful and told me “ YOU WILL BE HERE TOMORROW.” Also if I did not show up, that would be my notice and that I would be fired basically. This is the only time I have asked to be off & the whole store is just plain horrible.

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3:57 pm EDT

Kmart being treated like i'm a thief

Hello, my name is veena Johnson and I am mad as hell about the way I have been treated at your Kmart store on Clearlake ave in Springfield Illinois. I came in there to pick up some comfort sets for my bed. I had two guys just walk pass me and not even speak. One of the guys almost knocked me over and yet still didn't say ANYTHING. I started looking at jewelry and there were three employees standing at the customer service desk ( no one at the jewelry counter), so I motioned for someone to come over to help me. They litterally just looked up at me than continued their conversation. So at this time I was a bit upset I decided to just check out and leave. I went to the line and the cashier never even spoke to me until I said hello to her. What pisses me off even more is that one of the ladies from the customer service desk seen me standing in line and she could see before I get to the line that I had things under my cart. She decided that she needed to come and stare at me, lock at or shall I say under my cart many of times like I didn't know that I put them there. She than sat down at the register beside us and continue to do the same thing. Very blatantly. She didn't even try to hide the fact that she thought I was a thief. This has been the absolute worst customer service I have had. The only reason I didn't just leave the items there was I didn't want her to think for one second that I couldn't afford my items or that she was correct. The more I think about how I was treated the more I am thinking about just returning the items and spending my $132. Dollars somewhere else. I know it's not a lot for your company but, I will be posting this on all of my social medias so they all know how your store and company treats people of color.
You are more than welcome to reach out to me is you would like.
Veena Johnson

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1:41 pm EDT

Kmart heat

Kmart store 3198 in St. Albans WV is extremely hot! Hot air blows through the vents. Customers and employees are constantly complaining about the heat. Something really needs to be done. It has been around 80 degrees outside this weekend and it has been cooler outside than it was in the store. I have talked to several people who said that if the problem Isn't resolved, they will no longer shop there.

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5:54 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Kmart sneakers

I have purchased Athletech sneakers for my husband for years from K-Mart. The quality of the product has gone downhill over the years. The sole separates from the shoe after several wearings, but my husband liked them because they came in wide widths and the velcro closing, so he just glued the sole back on.
But this time, purchased last year, the shoe size is mismatched. The left shoe is not as wide as the right one. My husband wore one pair a couple of times and stopped wearing them. He didn't tell me that they were hurting his feet.
I tried to return the unused pair to K-Mart, but I no longer have the receipt and now they are closing.

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11:26 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Kmart very rude guy at layaway

I was at the kmart on washington road near canonsburg pa. I was going to place a layaway as i do every year at this time for christmas as well as my sons birthday that is Dec. 18.
After shopping i walk back to layaway the guy working looks at me with my full cart and says "if you want to place a layaway i dont know what to tell you. It is going to be a very long wait i have to put all this [censored] away first.
I left my cart sit and left the store.

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5:26 pm EDT

Kmart rude cashier

I was in the Brevard Road KMart store Saturday and the cashier I had was very rude. I made a point to catch her name. It was Elizabeth I believe. She was very rushed and acted like helping her customer was the last thing she wanted to do. Inrealoze cashiers have a hard job, but she still should've had a better attitude then she did. Just a self centered bratty teenager is all she is.

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8:49 pm EDT

Kmart irresponsible cashier and customer service

Yesterday (Thursday) I went to the Kmart at Lafayette - E 8th St in NYC. A cashier told me that the student discount is going to end on the coming Monday and she suggested me to buy whatever I need ASAP. So today I went to the same Kmart and got $60 of supplies when I was checking out, I asked another cashier about the student discount and he said there is no discount so I thought I might remembered a wrong date. The cashier refused to print a paper receipt for me and said I would get an email with the receipt. However when my friend was checking out with the same cashier, my friend asked him if he was sure about that and the cashier said the student discount has ended couple of weeks ago but school actually has only started for less than a week. Then I told the cashier that I was there yesterday and got the discount. He finally gave the discount to my friend. I asked him to do something with my order but he said he couldn't do anything (without even saying a sorry) and I had to get the customer service. And the customer service woman was on her phone for 10 mins while I was waiting. I told her about my situation and she said "It's too late, you can't get your discount." I asked her if she can get my stuff refunded. She said no because I didn't have a receipt and the emailed receipt has not been sent to my inbox yet. Nobody was trying to help me at all even though it was their fault at the first place.

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8:53 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Kmart horrible customer service and lost of online package

First and foremost I want to inform you that I'm am very upset and disappointed with KMART.
I have been a loyal customer for years as I live very close so this store is very convenient for me.
I recently placed a purchase from for 3 uniform sweaters for my son. I was provided with the option to get it delivered at KMART so of course I said "yes".
Well that was the WORSE mistake I made, because I NEVER received my package. It stated it was delivered and when I went to pick it up KMART told me they could not find my package. Not to mention the "customer friendly" associate giggled as she brought me the paper and stated "funny thing is I can find the paper but not the package"
Only thing is there's nothing funny about this, I was then Informed to call back the next day because nobody could help me due to "Glen" aka the person who signs for the package and apparently looses packages would be able to let me know if he "set it aside". Well I called back the next day where the same lady from the night prior did not want to put glen on but offered to order my package again which also is now more expensive and out of stock on another item.
This associate that laughed and showed no empathy or urgency to assist brushed my issue off as if it was nothing.
I'm so disgusted by the way I was treated and the inconvenience I was given. There was nothing good about this transaction and I will not be referring or providing another dollar there. I will be informing my close friends and fam about this.
My order #[removed]


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2:32 pm EDT

Kmart i've been overcharged on my debit card!

I recently shopped at kmarts closing sale, which at this exact location Sunday was the last day open, sorry to see it go, I had lots of items in my cart, that I checked the paper pricing board for, that posted items for 80% of retail price, so most of the items I planned to purchase were all under 4 bucks, when the nice cashier was ringing my items up, a lot of them weren't ringing up the price that was posted, so I told the cashier to put them back, I don't really need any thing in my kart at all, so anything over $4-5 bucks I'm not interested in buying them, I explained, So my complaint is and I have my receipt to show you as well, date in Question is 08/31/2017 5:03 pm receipt number [protected] spent $212.71 dollars this day,
[protected] chr wdog pic [protected]@ 1/1.49 a 4.47
i didn't get these when i checked out.
[protected] mach scri 4 a . 49
didn't get this..
[protected] small bin a 4.99
[protected] small bin a. 4.99
these bins where suppose to be 2.00 as posted price sale.. and they werent
[protected] large sorter
[protected]@ 1/14.99 a 29.98 these where priced at $7.50 but i got over charged $14.99 each
[protected] almay pink bl a $3.44
0461612 cg lipcolor. a. [protected]@ 1/1.04 a $2.08
these lip sticks where empty i took pictures there are no lips sticks inside their holo
[protected] clip lamp [protected]@1/8.79 a $15.98
i pacifically put these back cause they where posted for $3.00 and i got charged for 4 of them!
[protected] clipvlamp [protected]@1/ $8.79 a 17.58
[protected] spark plugs [protected]@1/1.49 a $2.98. posted for.. 75cents
[protected] kids bottoms
[protected]@1/1.00 a $3.00 i didn't buy any kids stuff
[protected] dsg fishing
[protected]@ 1/. 20 a $ 1.80 i only bought one of these and got charged for 8 of them i didn't receive?
[protected] europc khaki a $3.00
posted for $1.00
[protected] tire valve a. 75 i only bought one and charged twice
[protected] ford key a [protected]@$1.00 a $3.00
[protected] key a $1.24 same type of key and cost so much more, well those are my complaints please get back to me through email [protected] or call [protected] my name is heather weir and i hope you guys can do me right fuxing these issues much appreciated thank you
debit aproval # 481058 total cost $212.71

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1:28 pm EDT

Kmart women's bathroom

Was in store 9/2/17 we went to go look for long sleeve tshirts for men you had absolutely none. So we went up front to ask if you had any there was 3 employees and a manager just standing there talking as we stood there for 3 mins waiting to be acknowledged to ask our question. When we go to leave i went to the womens restroom and I walked right out. There was roaches everywhere and the restroom was just plain nasty. I have never been in your fort walton beach store with it being that bad and I shop here often!

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10:34 pm EDT

Kmart service

I was looking for an item and saw some friends at the store. Went on to look for what I needed and apparently they did something and the manager told them to get out. Then me (who wasn't with them) got kicked out and wasn't even aloud to tell the person I had originally came with that I was being escorted out for no reason. The manager or whoever it was started screaming at me saying I was "with them" because I was on tape with them. I said hello and eent on my way but okay. Anyway terrible service, glad they're closing. Want even aloud to buy what I came for

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2:44 pm EDT
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Kmart satisfaction guarantee

Received three Champion Breed dog products as gifts and wanted to return them for other items at Kmart. I was not given a gift receipt and merely wanted to exchange for more product. The hang tag reads Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are unsatisfied for any reason, return the unused portion to the store for a full refund or call [protected]. The store would not help without a receipt. I then called the number and have yet to receive a response - that was over a month ago. The products are brand new with original tags. All have the same guarantee. No where on the tag does it mention a time frame or that a receipt is needed to return or exchange them. This is false advertising.

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9:36 am EDT
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Kmart service in layaway at sanford, nc store

I went to pick up 2 layaway and start a new layaway on August 23rd, 2017 at the Sanford, NC store. I had made payments for both layaways online but I was told one layaway had been put back on the shelf. Then when I went to start a new layaway I was told I could not layaway clearance items and that was a policy from the store manager. I ask to speak to her. She claimed that had always been the policy. I showed her that the layaway I just got out had clearance items in it. I told her for over 5 years at the Burlington, NC store, before it closed, I had done numerous layaways and everyone of them I had clearance items in them. She claimed to have been the manager in Burlington but as I told her, I never once saw her there. My shop your way number is [protected]. The manager still refused to let me layaway clearance items so I left the store without doing another layaway of over $200 and I put back the items I was going to buy as well, around $60 worth, the layaway they put back on the shelf and I got my money back for wad another $80. I don't see myself shopping at Kmart again.

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