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10, Brock Street, Regent's Place
England, Greater London
United Kingdom - NW1 3FG

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1890 946 779(Ireland) 1 0
+44 207 387 8723(International) 2 0
+44 148 448 1361(Large Electricals & Laptops) 1 0
+44 330 660 0941(Made-To-Measure Curtains) 1 0
+44 333 220 2519(The Debenhams Credit Card) 1 1
+44 344 800 8877(General Information) 2 0
+44 344 561 6161(Gift Cards And Vouchers Purchased In Store) 1 0
+44 371 384 3401(Gift Cards And Vouchers Purchased Online) 1 0
+44 345 340 9575(Gift Cards Purchased For Schools) 1 0
+353 818 784 877(Ireland) 1 0

54-62 Henry Street, Dublin 1, Republic of Ireland

Debenhams Complaints & Reviews

Debenhams / service

Jul 24, 2019

Hi, I tried to make a purchase by credit card at your Gurney Paragon Penang, Malaysia store on 24 July 2019 at about 1.00 pm local time but unable to proceed because of line down. There were other customers unable to make credit card payment as well. I was told by the supervisor the store ha...

Debenhams / clothing

Jun 21, 2019

It's a scam. I was looking to purchase something from Debenhams, a discount was offered and I did look at the discount offered and thought I had backed out of the form prior to agreeing. No. I find they are taking my hard earned money. What a scam. I am mortified that this can happen...

Debenhams / items not delivered and no refund made

Jan 31, 2019

I was ordering from this store for a two years. The orders were all international. When they changed the local delivery company I started to face problems with orders delivery, and moreover with the refunds. Finally I received a mail stating that they are really sorry, but I am not that...

Debenhams / debenhams store online cancelled my order and charged me in my credit card and reward club

Jun 26, 2018

DebenhamsI bouth an eyeshadow Dior yesterday [protected]) in the store online, later this day i received an email telling me my order was cancelled because it failled on the security check, and that my item was not charged! Today i went to check my credicard, and the order is debited in my...

Debenhams / booking an appointment

Apr 17, 2018

Given the news items about Debenhams struggle on the competitive High Street, I am astonished at the appalling customer service... I spent over £100 at the Elemis concession in Oxford Street and was offered two free facials. For the past 48hours I have been trying to get through on the...

Debenhams / what a nightmare!

Dec 14, 2017

This company has almost ruined my budget. I ordered several items from the United States (I didn't know they were based in the United Kingdom) and didn't notice anywhere any mentioning about delivery cost. So instead of 40 dollars, I was planning to pay for the items, I paid $90! It'...

Debenhams / poor service hereford store

Nov 23, 2017

I purchased 3 dresses yesterday in your store, total of £87.17 from quiz! I bought this as a last minute purchase ready for an evening do this evening. When leaving the store the alarms went off, I then walked back into the store and staff looked over but nobody attended so I left. I then entered...

Debenhams / adding a gift card amount

Oct 22, 2017

On October 21st I ordered a dressing gown online using a gift card with the value of £25, I paid the postage or so I thought by adding my bank account details. I have been charged the full £28.99 from my account and the £25 has not been taken from the total cost. This is a complete inconvenience, I...

Debenhams / daniel wellington strap

Oct 17, 2017

To whom it may concern: I would like to complain about an incident that has occurred few weeks ago. I came to Debenhams (Olympia) on the 17th of September at approximately 13:00 to buy a watch. There, I saw a Daniel Wellington strap which I liked for some time, specifically the Classic...

Debenhams / sale assistant in the perfume department in Debenhams (the Bullring)

Aug 21, 2017

I went on Thursday morning to buy a perfume and the sale assistant didn't have a clue how to wrap a present. She cut the paper four times!!, not straight and after wrapping it really bad, as the cello-tape was falling. She took like 10-15 minutes until finally finish, and I had to leave...

Debenhams / not received my card

Jul 30, 2017

I opened an account which was on fathers day but iv still not received my card through the post. I need to pay but getting worried I might get interest charged.. I have been to the store with my temporary card but they didn't accept my payment and told me it should come to you. What should...

Debenhams / perfume

May 22, 2017

Hi i went in to inverness debenhams to get my alien pedfume refilled as i always have done and had no problems. After getting my 60ml bottle refilled i paid for and left to go home to aviemore, when getting home i took my bottle of perfume out to put away and 1 quater of the bottle ha...

Debenhams / Staff in bed fitting

May 02, 2017

I visited your store at derby yesterday, and wanted to try on two bras. One was a size smaller so I asked if someone could check it. The first lady I spoke to said the next appointment was 1:40 but I just said I only needed a quick look if possible as I already knew it was a size smaller...

Debenhams / Security staff assault

Dec 27, 2016

Please read this facebook post that I can assure you will go viral.. This is disgusting treatment of a hunan being who is already suffering : Just something I sent to debenhams official page. Hang your heads in shame for the treatment of the homeless person outside your portsmouth commercial...

Debenhams / No order and no refund

May 30, 2016

Wish I had read the online reviews before order ring from Debenhams! My order did not arrive and I emailed Debenhams customer service and asked about what was going on. Later they told me that they have no idea where my order was and that it was probably lost during the shipping. Well I...

Debenhams / Completesave / Its an online scam

Feb 19, 2016

On the 14th December 2015 my fiancee used my credit card to make online purchases with Debenhams. When I recieved my January credit card statement, there was a debit for £15 to, something I did not purchase, or was even aware what it was. After looking online, I found thi...

Debenhams / sales staff

Jan 27, 2016

This afternoon 27/0/16 in Debenhams East Kilbride my fiancée excitedly was looking forward to purchasing "the shoes" to match her wedding dress. After waiting 20 mins someone asked if we required any help? after which Time I was not amused and complained to floor manager who bletherd...

Debenhams / Cashiers

Oct 03, 2015

Good afternoon, I completed my purchases and headed over to the cashier, I was patiently waiting my turn as there was a customer before me. I was to be next, when suddenly two Saudi females come in front of me and insisted that they be served. Apparently they left their purchases at the...

Debenhams / item not received

Dec 01, 2014

Ordered shoes promised delivery maximum 4 days now over 7 days customer service less than useless they complained that the IT system is slow and hard to use. The thing is the only way to complain is DON'T shop at Debenhams again, this is from someone who as spent a lot of money at thi...

Debenhams / Parfumes / Threat

Jun 29, 2014

I had the worst shopping experience at debenhams ilford store.I went in to buy a perfume for my son on reduced section, there was no tester for the one he wanted.He opened one in there to try it and he didn't like it, all of a sudden the rudest security girl come on there, which...

Debenhams / health and safety


I have visited a store and i steped on a security tag pin on my "Scketchers" boot and after compaining the manager offerd to resole my boot, not even filling any accident form or asking at any point if I have hirted my self. Afetr complaining again to customer service online I was sent a...

Debenhams / Refunds


Debenhams is sadly being mislead by the franchise group AlShaya International Trading Co. AlShaya has implemented in Saudi Arabia which means now when you purchase from any AlShaya store they will not give you a cash refund if the goods are unsuitable but will only give you a store...

Debenhams / Appalling Customer Service. Needs Addressing!!


I am not having a good experience with shopping online from Spain with Debenhams. I shop online on a regular basis with many other brands, some a lot smaller than Debenhams, and have no complaints with their customer service but Debehams really needs to address their customer service. I...

Debenhams / lost order


Having place an internet order for collection in store with a 4 day delivery time, having heard nothing, after 3 weeks decided to call in and collect. The store had no information on the order and put me through to debenhams customer service. They had processeed the item and dispatched it...

Debenhams / Debenhams


I currently work in this joke of a department store, they dont like paying their staff properly or at all sometimes, or giving holidays and days off. The managers think theres nothing better then them, they are the worst trained people ive ever met and have absolutly no people skills at...

Debenhams Retail PLC / Lack of customer service


On 26th March I ordered and paid for 2 sofas from Debenhams. I was advised that delivery would be 8 weeks and that I would be contacted a week prior to this date to arrange this. After 7 weeks I still had not received any information about this order and therefore contacted Debenhams via email to...

Debenhams store card / Non closure of my card.


I have now been trying to close this account for two years. Each time they assure me that this has been done they send me another card.

Debenhams / Poor & Slow Customer Service


This morning I picked up a briefcase with a marked price of £19.99. Taking it to the till I asked for it to be sold to me at the marked price. The till girl went to fetch a supervisor, who then went to fetch a manager. The manager removed the label and said it was incorrectly... / Stop them!


Just wanted to alert anyone who buys Victoria Jackson make up sets. The sellers usually sell the product outside WHSmith, where they claim that Victoria Jackson products are used by lots of celebrities. They claim that the products are worth £200. They also gave me a website called...

Debenhams / Store card chaos


Cancelled my Debenhams Card a year ago due to a billing error but decided to give it another go before Christmas. Set up a direct debit in November. Checked my bank account to find that the first debit payment had been rejected. Fought my way through the automatic answering service to...

Debenhams / security


my mother bought my 3 children shirts and trousers on the 18th december at debenhams in carlisle, to wear on christmas day. On opening the outfits it was discovered that the security tag had been left on a pair of trousers obviously could'nt wear them. my mother dos'nt get to see...

Debenhams / Store Card


Store do not give the extra discount during 'sales' as announced on tannoy for using their store card, unless you say that is what you want to at the till. Even then it depends which till. If it is a Debenhams till you stand a chance but if it is for eg. Jane Norman you...

Debenhams Credit Card / Balance Transfer Missing


A Balance Transfer was requested from Debenhams credit card to Halifax Credit card on 21st of April 2009. After a month when I saw the credit card statements, the balance transfer was showing on the Debenhams statement but it never reached Halifax Card. Debenhams was contacted in first...

Debenhams / I was &arrested&


A shop assistant in Ilford Debenhams told me that I was NOT ALLOWED to stand outside my daughter's cubicle and discuss the clothes she was trying on as store's rules said you could not have two people in one cubicle (nice that they think all their customers are criminals) I said...