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customer service/returns

My aunt passed away about two weeks ago. We have been going through her things and found several items to be...

no handicap scooters

Today I went to my local Kmart store (745 Quentin, Lebanon, PA) to purchase some items. When I came in I...


I work at kmart as a cashier. I am 18 years old. I have asked multiple times for my hours to be cut down because of school and nothing has been done about it. i'm working friday-sunday. and both saturday and sunday are 8 hour shifts. i'm only a senior in high school. it's ridiculous. and the soft lines manger is VERY rude. example: a customer asked me to call someone for help with a trampoline yesterday. i said okay. the soft line manager was the only one working. no workers were on the floor. i said "hey a customer needs help with a trampoline back there, i can't do anything because i'm a cashier." and her response was a dirty look and she said "and ?" and i was like "um you have to help her get it to her car ?" and she said "well what the hell do you want me to do about it" and this included a dirty look and an eye roll. i'm so close to quitting. this store location is awful and we all get treated like dirt.

store supervisor michelle

I took my son shopping for college supplies, there was a coupon for 10% on his phone, that said to use a code at checkout to receive the 10% discount, cashier didn't know how to process it so she called Michelle over who, proceeded to tell me and the customer in line with us, who by the way wanted to use this same discount, that we couldn't use it, it had to be a printed coupon for them to scan, but the one on the phone was not a printable one. I spent $435.00 and that 10% would have been a great savings to us. She argued with us, was not very helpful or nice. I asked her to put the code in and she wouldn't, kept saying she needed a printed coupon in order for us to get reimburse for discount. She was very unprofessional with us, we just paid for our items and left, But I was very upset about this and I still would like that discount.
Really not sure why Kmart would put this coupon out there if the stores wont let you use it!

product availability

Shopped for t shirts at Williamsport PA KMart on August 14, 2018. I wear Mens XL or 2XL all cotton T shirt...

Williamsport Clothing, Shoes & Acc

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online order places

I placed an order online July 29th I have been waiting for my order to "Ship to Store" for the estimated...


overcharging then applying store credit to overcharge!!!

My husband was issued a $12 coupon for the store in Hamilton MT. We went in today to use it. When the coupon...

45 day return policy

My daughter had a storage while she lived with me she placed a couple of layaways in kmart and as she got them out she put those items in storage. She had queen sheets in her layaway but she switched her bed to a king. She just moved in her apartment on 08/10/18 and she tried to exchange the sheets. They said they can't do anything because it has been past 45 days so they sent her out the door with sheets she can't use. How lousy.

  • Om
    Omeomya Aug 12, 2018

    45 days is a VERY reasonable return policy. Most are 30 days or less. Just because they refuse to break the rules it doesn't make it lousy service.

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customer service

My name is Kathleen and today I got served by a girl who had really bad customer service skills she didn't...

Port Macquarie Retail Stores


My daughter and my fiance came in the store on 8/11/18, and she asked the cashier at the desk about cashing a check. Due to my daughter being 12years old, she don't have an id. My fiance which is 24 also her guardian had id to cash the check. He handed his id to the store manager and she made the smart comment you can not be her dad and laughed in his face!!! I was on the phone the whole time!! I worked in customer service and I currently do home health and I would get repermanded if I ever spoke an ignorant comment to a customer!!! Please call me to discuss further [protected]

  • Le
    Leslie Ramos Aug 15, 2018

    I have had a horrible experience with an online order I placed with Kmart. I ordered a Garden water fountain. First, they cancelled my order and indicated on the email that It was upon my request. Then, I go through the hassle to reorder the item. They send it to me damage and poorly packaged. The fountain was cracked & broken, inside styrofoam was broken, and wires tangled up. I personally returned the item to UPS and went through several reps /phone calls in order to receive a refund. I placed the order in July. I can’t get a refund end of Sept. This is ridiculous. I asked for email of return policy and they can’t send it to me. Yet, their policy is making me wait 21 business days. Yet, I have been already waiting a month. Never doing business with KMART again. No wonder their stores are closing and business is falling. I will stick to Target and Walmart.

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lack of tv trays

My local Kmart on Veterans Hwy. in Metairie, LA does not carry or are out of TV trays of any sort. They carry "serving trays" which are not TV trays. I asked two sales persons and inquired at customer service as well. None of them said that they were out of stock; they were clueless (although very polite). I was seeking pretty much any wooden set. I ended up ordering them through Amazon, on-line. This was on August 6, 2018.

filthy parking lot

Yesterday and went to shop at the K-Mart in McKinleyville, California ...a store I shop in a least once a week and have shopped there since they opened years ago. The parking lot was so full of garbage...not trash, GARBAGE...and baskets. Baskets full of garbage, clothes...bags of garbage that animals had gotten into and strewn about. It really stunk and I was so grossed out I almost didn't go inside. But I did and when I got inside, workers that could have been cleaning up the mess and bringing baskets to the front, were just yacking. There are homeless that camp out in the woods adjacent to the store, which is a lot of the problem...but those same baskets and garbage were there 2 days prior! There's simply no excuse. There IS room inside the store for the why not eliminate a lot of the problem and keep them inside so the homeless don't keep taking them...they are all over the place up in the tree area, upside down and turned over. Workers at the store need to kick in and clean up the parking area...especially to the left side of the store. Also, people camp out in their cars, homeless people...and they beg for money as you walk in. I even had a guy come up to my truck window and tap on it so he could ask for handouts. It's not the clean friendly happy experience like it used to's a gross, disgusting and even scary place anymore. I hope something's done about it soon, or I won't be back. I'm 66 years old, so not just some kid trying to start trouble! I'll take pictures next time, wish I had thought to do that, you wouldn't believe it. Thanks for listening

electric blanket.

This morning, I went to Kmart at Bay Village in Bateau Bay to purchase a new electric blanket. Mine broke...

unethical behavior

Hello, my name is Baan Alhanoush and I tried to shop at Kmart today. I was purchasing 4 items and was going...

online order #[protected]/wrong items shipped/return process now a mess

On July 10, 2018, I paid $64.67 for the following items:
* Qty: 1 ITEM # [protected]/ Texas Steer Men's Maximus Steel-Toe Work Boot
Size: 9.5 Unit Price: $29.99 x1

* Qty: 2 ITEM # [protected]/ Wrangler Men's Cargo Shorts, Black
Size: 34 Unit Price: $14.99 x2
On July 13, 2018, I received a package that included an invoice with the correct order as shown above listed on that invoice, but the items listed on the invoice are not the items that were in the package. Please note the following listed items that I received from you in the package, as they were nowhere listed on the invoice, and none of the items listed on the invoice were in the package. The items I received were as follows:
*Qty: 1 ITEM # [protected]/ Men's Giftable Short-Sleeved TShirt & Shorts Set

*Qty: 1 ITEM # [protected]/ Men's Giftable Short-Sleeved TShirt & Shorts Set

***** I did not order the two items, and three times I have spoken to customer service. All three times they have suggested I am returning the 2 cargo shorts and the boots I ordered...I never received them. They have acknowledged receipt of 2 pair of shorts and boots because that is what is listed on all 3 return slips. I explained what was wrong in writing on this invice also and still... done wrong. All I want is the boots and 2 pair of cargo shorts I ordered but they keep forcing a refund for only half of what I paid... $32.34. I assume this is the cost of the two pair of tshirt/short sets, I dont know but...could SOMEONE please help me get this fixed? Thank you. Rhonda M Campana [protected]

  • Updated by Rhonda Campana Guajardo · Aug 01, 2018

    07/10/2018-Paid online for: ONE pair boots, ITEM# 6-954704-200669 -black, size 9.5($29.99) AND...TWO pair mens Wrangler Cargo Shorts, ITEM# 1-91056-60266-6 black, size 34 ($14.99 ea.). TOTAL PAID $64.67. Received 2 pair mens pj short sets instead. I returned them. Only refunded $32.34...cost of pj's. Wanted my items. Order #874622957. HELP!

  • Updated by Rhonda Campana Guajardo · Aug 06, 2018

    there isnt a local store so I sent back to them the items they sent me. They acknowledged receipt of them returned items but didnt properly refund the money for what i paid for

rude employee at customer service desk

I was making a return in store 7374, West Chester, PA After waiting in line for 20 minutes for someone to...

rude and unprofessional employees

I went to Kmart in Festus, MO on July 31st around 1:30pm. I had 4 pairs of jeans that I wanted to buy so I went to check out. The cashier's name was Taylor. I had two coupons for $7 free cash and $10 free cash if you spent $10 in apparel under my grandma's account. I didn't think about using my grandma's phone number for rewards so I entered my phone number under my account. The coupon wouldn't work so I asked her if I could change the number to my grandma's account. She said she would have to void the whole order and I told her that was fine. She then rolled her eyes and went to get the manager. The manager came and voided the order. She rang the order up again and I gave her my coupons. She advised me the two $7 free cash were the same coupon so I only had one $7 off that I could use and that the $10 free cash would go on my points. I had thought I was getting $24 off but when I found out I wasn't I asked her to remove 2 pairs of jeans. She then rolled her eyes again and said she would have to get her manager. I told her to just give me my coupon back and that I didn't want any of it since all she done was roll her eyes everytime I asked her to do something. She said all she did was ask me for my card and that she didn't roll her eyes. She went to get the manager and as she was talking to the manager she was laughing about the whole situation. I told the manager that I didn't appreciate her rolling her eyes at me and then laughing about it when she told her. All the manager said was ok sorry. It was all very unprofessional and rude. I will not be going back to Kmart in Festus and possibly not going back to any Kmart if that's how the employees act. It's a shame too because I love the deals Kmart has and love to shop there too.

patio set

My Daughter went to K Mart while on vacation in Rehobath Beach Delaware on Monday July 30th. My daughter...

K Mart

online order

After a week of waiting and holding my payment, multiple calls to customer service reps, and paying premium for shipping, they will email you 2 days after the expected delivery date that they cannot fulfill the order. My kids were bummed not to have the Little Tikes bouncer on their birthday party. They could have informed you the day after placing the order that it is no longer available, but no. Seriously, what kind of service is this?


The cashier that took care of me was the worst type of customer service that I have ever had. She took my purchase and throw it on the counter as if they were garbage. Not only did her attitude state that she didn't want to do her job she told me to figure out why my coupon didn't work. She was very rude and unprofessional. Her name is tiffany, associate # 5014 from the herald square store. Turns out she is a manager I believe. People who doesn't want to do their job should just stay home.
Purchase made 7/29/ 18. 8:48pm

  • Lk
    LKG1 Aug 01, 2018

    I was making a return in store 7374, West Chester, PA

    After waiting in line for 20 minutes for someone to come the returns desk the employee comes behind the desk and takes a phone call that lasted 15 minutes while she informed the customer of all the points they had available in all the different categories. I politely asked her if she could please put the phone call on hold and help the people that have been waiting in line for 20 minutes. With that she became verbally abusive and screaming at me telling me how rude I was next she calls the manager and tells him that there is a crazy customer yelling and causing a scene.
    I literally turned around to look and see who she was talking about because I was neither crazy or causing a scene.
    The other customers in line agreed she was totally out of line and owed me an apology. To top it off she goes to the customer behind me and waits on them. The customer told her I was next. With that she went on another screaming tirade that she is not waiting on me, get the fuck out of this store and sarcastically said goodbye.

    I have never seen or experienced anything like this before. The manager came out and I told him she should not be in customer service. I was not even given the opportunity to explain what happened. I finally got my refund but I will tell you this...I will never ever shop at a Kmart or Sears ever again. If that is the kind of people they hire then I want nothing to do with them. This woman we clearly crazy and the line of customers agreed.

    I do not know her name but I do know she was about 5'2", bleach blond hair and in her forties. I intend to continue to complain until I know something has been done about her behavior

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