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advertised merc. not avail

Advertised sales not available - out of stock.
Employees posting sale prices on the day the sale starts.
Happened many times in the past.

  • Ki
    KixStar Jun 06, 2010

    They can't predict how much of a sale product they will need. They order according to what their corporate office dictates. Accordingly, sale merchandise at any store will sell out fast.

    Get a rain check next time.

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would you like to apply for a sear's credit card?

I have worked for kmart for almost a year now and I hate having to ask people to apply for the sear's credit card. It is a crappy @$$ card that puts people in debt for years, for buying a pack of gum, I swear! But I have to ask or I will get fired. Also if I don't get one application for every 600 people that come through my line, I get my hours cut. I can't help people say 'no'. I can't force them to say 'yes.' I have had several customers scream at me for asking, had me crying by the end of checking them out, but I have to ask.

Now I find out that one of my coworkers is being charged with fraud. He stole a bunch of employee info from a church and used it to fill out applications for the sears card. Like 20 a day. He's been braging about how many apps he's been getting for months, making it sound as though he was getting people to apply and getting the praise and bouses from the managmet. He got $2 for every app. Do the math, he got morethan $500 in bonuses a month! Thats more then I make in a month.
Well the people he signed up started receiving the approval/denial letters and reported that they never signed up. The police must of just got enough evidents to charge him.

But really, they push us to get apps so hard that workers are commiting fraud to make our managment happy. WTH?

  • Li
    Ling Chi May 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Upselling credit cards in the checkout line is nothing new, and is not much different than putting candy and other convenience items at the register for people to make impulse purchases.

    But you seriously make less than $500/mo? I hope you're part-time. If not, I bet you wish you had done better in school when you were younger.

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  • Ty
    Tyra Firesong May 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a part time worker, mother, and am attempting to go back to school so I can make more tha $500 a month. I only make less because my hours are getting cut because I am not getting any sears apps. 2 5-hour days a week at minimal wage, with no hope of ever getting a raise (manager said no one is getting raises, ever, unless you are promoted) doesnt add up to much.

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  • Ag
    Aggravated shopper May 27, 2010

    Ironically enough if I go to Sears I never have been asked once to apply for a sears card and I have been to several Sears in different towns however EVERY time I am in a Kmart I get pestered from the moment I walk in to the moment I check out to sign up for a Sears credit card. I know Sears owns Kmart but you would think the credit card situation would be the same

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unsatisfactory refund

I recently purchased a set of speakers for my desk top computer and found they were faulty. I returned them but my only proof of purchase was a bank statement. They gave me an instore 'red voucher'. I returned two months later to buy a dvd with voucher (cost $9.00) and they would not give me another voucher for the balance. ($25). I was told by the manager I must purchase one only item for the full amount of $34.00 or forfeit the balance. Consumer Protection have tried to negotiate with KMART on my behalf and they told Con. Protect. I was told if I bought something for 90% of the $34-00 I would receive the change. This is a lie. a. I was told no such thing. b. It is still not good enough.
KMART are not prepared to negotiate in any way.

poor management

I needed to speak with a manager about a return after cashier called for them over three times am standing...

poor service in store

This complaint is about the employees at the Kmart Store in Steger, IL. I was looking for a washing machine by Kenmore or Whirlpool. I was in the store for about 10 minutes looking at the appliances. The employee was moving boxes and I thought that when he was complete that he would acknowledge me. This never happened. I approached the assistant store manager and she called his name as Rich. I asked if there was anyone working in the Appliance department and she says, "Yes Rich, the man at the register." I said that I was never approached, and she did not say anything herself. So I told her that I guess I had to take my business elsewhere. Again, she said nothing, and I left the store. I did however proceed to another Kmart in Homewood, IL. There, I found excellent service.

As a consumer, I feel that you should know how inappropriate your employees are, and I felt that I was being discriminated against that day because I am a female and I am a Black American.

I would appreciate a response to this complaint. And, not only that, but your employees need to be educated about this. Your company can loose sells, and I am sure there have been many.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Judy S. Phillips

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we shipped my sons psp to the kmart repair back on march 3, 2010. sent by ups. I called to find out why it...

disregard for customers

I am writing to let you know my sisters horrible experience with kmart. Today April 27, she went to kmart in Enid Ok. to pick up 12 items. While she was getting rung up the computer crashed. So the cashier rung it up again. She stood their for over 45 minutes waiting for the computer to work. It was extremely hot inside the store, She was sweating. She is disabled and asked the manager for a drink of water4 times. She said she felt like she was going to pass out. The manager said if we get new computers, we won't get any raises. That was uncalled for I think. She is now worried that since the cashier rung up her items twice, and she had to sign twice, that her credit card will be billed twice, and she won't have enough money to cover it. I believe that the manager, should of had some respect for my sister, and everyone else that comes into the store. She said some of her sale items, they charged her regular price, and not the sale price. She spent $82.10. She said she don't think she will go to kmart in the future. Very rude manager. I am writing to you as my sister has no computer.

Thank You,
Tonya Melton


I think it is embarrassing that cashiers at the St. Clairsville store in Ohio are made to walk around with baby diapers pinned to their shirts in support of the March of Dimes. I donate to the March of Dimes and I appreciate that KMart is trying to raise money to help; I just think there could be a better way to raise funds.

Just a thought

poor customer/cashier service

The cashier was very not customer friendly at all. I said good morning when I approched her register, she replied with a huf. I said thank you and have a good day when I finished my transaction she said yea. I have been a cashier in the retail business for seventeen years and I would never think to behave this way. I think it is very important to make your customers feel welcome with at least a hello and a thank you. It will be a long time before I visit that store again, unfortunately because of a rude cashier. I think your employees should be trained in customer service skills

one year out of date medication

Precription medicated skin treatment filled by kmart pharmacy is dated jan.09. The prescription was filled on 12/23/09 which means this medication was one year old out of date when it was filled by kmart pharmacy. Comes in bottles of 3. Just looked at the bottle to notice the date stamped on the bottle. Medication used by mouth or on your skin are very serious and I am outraged that kmart allows this type of practice to put people at risk with their health and need to be held accountable. How many more out of date products does kmart have in their pharmacy the fda needs to perform an inspection of kmart pharmacies around our country

19 receipt number

P lease send Infomation about how to place and where the 19 digit receipt number. [protected]

horrible costumer service

To whom reads this:
Its so upsetting to know how Kmart has poor costumer service. I Don't care where the store is located. Costumer service anywhere should be all that matters to any costumer. Tonight I went into Kmart at the North Hollywood location. I went to ask for someones help at the baby's department and all I get was "oh, no one is in that department yet. I think their out on their break" Ok well i didnt ask that- I want to know if someone could help me find something is what i replied back. The guy goes "i'm sorry I dont know that department" OH great. You dont understand that its so ###ed to have someone tell me that "it's not their department, sorry" Seriously? I wasnt born yesterday. Places like Kmart rotates their employee's maybe every shift or how ever they work it out but don't sit there and tell me that because its not your department you dont know how to assist me. When you get hired at Kmart or any place like it you are trained to know who Kmart is and what they sell and teach you CS. I understand that some employees are not always doing their jobs to companies standards but Kmart needs to evaluate that so they dont go under and have to be forced to close down beacuse their employee's are dragging clients away. But since no one really could help me out it pissed me off even more so I asked to speak to a manager. The person calls the manager and the manager didnt want to come and speak to me. Manager Linda as known as "coach Linda" She is so un-professional that its discussing to know she works at a store as a manager I think she needs to be re evaluated as a manager.So no wonder That location is so disorganized. Not only the floor staff looks like a "lost puppy" but their manager is no help no guidance what so ever. The last time ive been to Kmart was year's ago, But i had to go there since they had a produce that i needed no other store carried. But I do ask that someone that is high rank and wants to help Kmart stay in business re train the employees. If they dont like their job then they should leave, if they dont like it but has to stay for whatever reason then I think they need to change their attitudes suck it up and treat a consumer as if how they want to be treated.

fake coupon/spend $50 get $10 off

was sent a coupon for spend $50.00 and get $10.00 off. the store would not let me use the coupon sent to me...

unapprppriate language from a manager

Im a customer thst shopped at the kmart on 66-26 Metropolitan in middle village, first of all they never have enough employees working, everytime I need help no one is around to assist me, not enough cashiers lines are always long, The store service just i horrible. A few weeks ago I went to pick up a couple of things there and there was a Manager I believe tall african american guy with glasses name tag Kevin on the phone talking very unappropriate, saying the B word the N word, very very foul language I mean come on who hires these type of people .I shop there with my grandkids somestimes, they dont need to hear this type of language. I really hope someone speaks to that manager because I sure wont be shopping there anymore. Very poor business.

refusing to accept my check

On Saturday, 02/27/2010, my husband and I were at the check out line preparing to pay for our purchases with a personal check, when we were told by the cashier that my check would not be accepted. This put me into a panic because I knew we had much more then the total of my check unless someone, unbeknownced to us, emptied our account.
We paid for our purchases with a credit card and hurried to the bank to investigate why Kmart didn't accept our check. According to the bank, all was in order with our account; they varified our balance and said they could not understand why the check was not accepted by Kmart.
I want you to know that this occurance frighted me horrably! Not only did it make me sick at my stomach, I was a nervous wreck.
We have never had this happen before at Kmart and we shop there and average of three to four times a month.
My receipt #[protected].
Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Bonnie Weinhold

  • Fl
    flyfaraway Jun 12, 2012

    Did it just decline your check or did it print, on the back. If it was declined I can tell you two quick fixes.

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  • Fl
    flyfaraway Jun 12, 2012

    If it simplely wouldnt read running both sides on the demagnetizer works also folding it in fourths horizontally. I work for KMart I'm forever doing this dont ask why it works lol its just what I was taught and 9 times outta ten the check will than read.

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  • Al
    aliwithani84 Jun 12, 2012

    You're check was probably Brendesized.

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debit card memo hold

I have a layaway (129614) at the paintsville, kentucky store (4827). I got a phone call on 2/10/10 that my layaway payment was late and would be put back on shelf if a payment wasn't made. I was snowed in and couldn't get to the store, so I made a payment online. (Which I thought was very convenient at the time). Here is my complaint— at the time of my original layaway I used my personal debit card to layaway the tv. I authorized a $50.00 debit at that time. When I got online I didn't have enough money in the personal account, so I used my joint debit card to make that payment. I authorized a debit of 89.45 to be taken out of my joint account. I noticed later that evening that kmart had put a hold on my personal account but I didn't give them permission to use that account for the payment. I tried calling the 800 number who told me that I would have to speak to the store directly. The store was closed at that point, so the next day I called the store who told me I had to call the 800 number. I then called the 800 number again and was told that they could not help that I had to go to the local store. This went back and forth for two days. I finally got out on saturday the 13th and went to the store only to be told that they couldn't help me because I made payment online I had to deal with the online customer service. So I called them again and asked to speak to a manager. I was patched through to michael black who told me that I would have to get a fax number, name and name of bank then email to him and he would present a letter to my bank to release my money. I asked him why they put a hold on a card that I did not give permission to and he told me that when I used that card to layaway I gave permission for your store to use it at any time to make payments. I strongly disagreed with him, but he insisted that I gave that permission at time of layaway. Let me make myself clear. I gave permission for kmart to debit $50.00 from my personal debit card at time of layaway, not to use that card at any time. I am so angry about the store using a card that I did not tell them to, and then giving me the run around and making me jump through hoops just to get my money released. I thought when I layed that tv away that it was a good thing. I have always tried to shop at kmart instead of wal-mart but this has really underminded my faith in your store. I thought my debit card would be safe with your company and now I hesitate to use it at all.

unprofessional pharmacist

Woodstock Illinois Kmart pharmacist Gail Goldsmith was rude, belligerent, argumentative, and unprofessional.

During a recent visit a pharmacy clerk informed me that Kmart pharmacy was permanently closing and the matter of my records became a topic of discussion, at first, then argument. I quizzed them on whether or not my records would be available at another local Kmart. I was told no. To me that made no sense since they use a national computer system on a networked computer. I raised this issue and the clerk didn't know what to say, so she called over pharmacist Gail Goldsmith.

Right from the start she seemed in a foul mood. She claimed the records had been sold to another local pharmacy chain. I then asked since its a national computer system shouldn't my records be available at another local store. Gail Goldsmith seemed to object to my question (or even me asking a question) and interrupted me rudely, telling me to listen as if I was a misbehaving child. This surprised me: WHY was I taking orders from her?

She restated the same position as if I wasn't listening. At that point I said this is a computer issue, something I know a bit about, to which she interrupted me, ordering me to use "your 2 ears and listen" as if I was a recalcitrant school boy.

What she refused to listen to is that I began my programming career in 1984 and soon was hired by a consulting firm with clients world wide, many of which are household names.

Records are stored in a database by customer number and all transactions (drug purchases) are linked by customer. And the records exist physically within a database. Even if the local records were sold to a local pharmacy the data would still be contained within the Kmart national computer system and therefore available to another store with a networked computer. But Gail Goldsmith refused to listen to this explanation, but rather, to smart off to and insult me.

Never having been treated so rudely in my 59 years I was completely flabbergasted. Afterward, I spoke to the store manager to express my concerns. It was then I informed him I could not patronize another local Kmart because the pharmacist might be transferred there. He then informed me that all employees are losing their jobs and she won't be there.

So Gail Goldsmith was taking her anger out on me. Lets be clear about this: that angry employee became mean spirited, rude, and most egregiously - unprofessional. No one should hire that woman again.

Hence, I will NEVER shop at Kmart again, nor should you.

  • Co
    Colorado Steve Feb 26, 2010

    Just had almost the same thing happen to me. No advance notice of the pharmacy closing and all records were "sold" to Wally World. This to me is a violation of our medical records privacy rights under HIPAA. They are releasing my information even though their own privacy policy(Kmart) says they need my signature. This whole transaction appears to be done for monetary reasons only and in total disregard for the customers rights. I don't want to do business with Wally World and it would have been easier to transfer my files to another Kmart store. This must be happening at every store they are closing! There was NO advance warning of the pharmacy closing except for a piece of paper at the pharmacy itself just a few days before it closed. The rest of the store won't close until May 9, 2010 so what was the rush to close the pharmacy? The pharmacy closed speedily within 10 days of the store closure notice. Maybe the "SOLD" files were worth big bucks? I have filed 7 complaints and will continue to file them until I exhaust all avenues of pursuit.

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  • Il
    Illinois Ripped Off Apr 05, 2010

    That pharmacy information is data, and data has been bought and sold for at least 30 years, thus making it valuable. Selling customer data is VERY common.

    You made a good point about HIPAA and might be right about violating that law.

    As for selling the data to "China-Mart" that's interesting because they told me it was sold to Osco. China-Mart makes it even worse because the do everything they can to put American suppliers out of business by using the buying strategy called "reverse bidding" where you force vendors into low-bid wars against each other. The winner gets to stay in business, because they get manufacturing contract, and the losers either buy cheap good from China in order to compete or just go out of business.

    And the next infraction by China-Mart is their diabolical treatment of employees: forcing them to work beyond 40 hours OFF the clock to avoid paying overtime, by employing illegal aliens to perform cleaning services and thus denying Americans jobs during a VERY deep recession, and failing to provide health care to the majority of workers, and most egregiously, not paying a livable wage.

    Hopefully no one hire pharmacist Gail Goldsmith because she is rude and brings her personal problems to work and dumping on customers. No one should ever hire Gail Goldsmith.

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  • Co
    Colorado Steve Apr 24, 2010

    Well it's good to hear from you. I have not had the time to file the HIPAA complaints but I will get to it. I was told the files were put up for "bid" so this may confirm your files going to OSCO in your area which may have been the higher bidder? I'm in the middle of numerous other complaints concerning medical bills such as..."Not pre-authorized" so we wont pay the $15K..."oh we lost your 1st appeal"...a doctor that thinks it's chic to bill you 1 tear after services are provided and then puts you in collections...another doctor that keeps billing my "secondary" insurance and I have NO "secondary" insurance and the list goes on.
    Here's some HIPAA info for you and other folks...
    <<<<<FYI...A pharmacy is a covered entity or health care provider>>>>

    What is “Marketing”?
    The Privacy Rule defines “marketing” as making “a communication about a product or service that encourages recipients of the communication to purchase or use the product or service.” Generally, if the communication is “marketing, ” then the communication can occur only if the covered entity first obtains an individual’s “authorization.”

    This definition of marketing has certain exceptions, as discussed below. Examples of “marketing” communications requiring prior authorization are:
    • A communication from a hospital informing former patients about a cardiac facility, that is not part of the hospital, that can provide a baseline EKG for $39, when the communication is not for the purpose of providing treatment advice.
    • A communication from a health insurer promoting a home and casualty insurance product offered by the same company.

    **********What Else is “Marketing”?**********
    Marketing also means: “An arrangement between a covered entity and any other entity whereby the covered entity discloses protected health information to the other entity, in exchange for direct or indirect remuneration, for the other entity or its affiliate to make a communication about its own product or service that encourages recipients of the communication to purchase or use that product or service.” This part of the definition to marketing has no exceptions. The individual must authorize these marketing communications before they can occur. Simply put, a covered entity may not sell protected health information to a business associate or any other third party for that party’s own purposes. Moreover, covered entities may not sell lists of patients or enrollees to third parties without obtaining authorization from each person on the list.

    For example, it is “marketing” when:
    • A health plan sells a list of its members to a company that sells blood glucose monitors, which intends to send the plan’s members brochures on the benefits of purchasing and using the monitors.
    • A drug manufacturer receives a list of patients from a covered health care provider and provides remuneration, then uses that list to

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don't send shipping labels and make good product replacement.

I bouhgt game system from Kmart and the smart plan I have contact them about the system buttons no longer work and need to have it replace as the plan says. they said they would email me the ups label to ship it back and that I just send it back and they replace it I guess giving the price to buy new one to replace it at a Kmart But I call several times and still nothing in my email I belive it is a scam and that those who try to replace items on thee plan Kmart claims it a good idea it does not get taken care of and tey just a way to get customer to pay out for these plans for a year they intend not to have it be too soon and by theat time you keep telling them your plan runs out this the obvious evident eperience I am having with this smart plan.

  • Do
    domingos Gonçalves Sep 13, 2010

    yes I did it because I bought a wii game, and there are four months not working and complained about the smart plan of Kmart and they told me they do not have how to have repairs'm waiting for electronic mail and nothing to get a label that would give me right to buy the same amount I spent on the game I wanted, and watched over by a scam that plan where you pay for a year and has no right when it claims

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bad battery core charge loss

Purchsed battery from Kmart. Battery failed after I had battery 10 months. Got caught in emergency situation...

refused to issue raincheck

I have purchased VitaSmart vitamins for over 15 years from Kmart. I went to purchase the Glucosamine Sulfate 12/28/09 and the shelf was bare for this item. I stood line at the service desk for some time and when I finally got waited on the employee had to call twice to get someone to answer her question if merchandise was is stock. Finally the manager returned her page and she was told rain checks were not available. I asked why(I have gotten them numerous times before) and she said because the store manager refused. I told her Kmart does not need my business anymore if that is how they treat their customers. I could not find a person on the floor to ask about the item.
I shopped this store the day after Thanksgiving at 6AM and none of the sale merchandise was marked. Every item someone wanted an employee had to be contacted and they had to look up the item in the ad. Thanksgiving Day sale signs were still up all over the store.
A very dissatisfied customer,
Doris Clint, 2409 Double Eagle Drive, Mission, TX 78572