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My receipt # is [protected] amount 141.06 dollars next [protected] amount 820.72 dollars next [protected] amount 413.87 dollars next [protected] amount 111.38 next [protected] amount 72.90 dollars next [protected] amount 201.21 dollars next [protected] 128.71 dollars So you see I can keep going and going back almost four months have not even started to touch half of receipts I have with Kmart feedback on them, that is pretty pathetic that you can not honor any of what your own black and white writing says. So if that ink is a waste and the trees are even more of a waste than I guess all who have taken the time to be loyal to you and give you are time to do a survey that does not exist I believe that it is time it be made national news buy contacting local news stations as well as case for all you are scamming. If I cant trust you why should we as consumers spend our hardworking money at your store? I think compensation is owed to those who have been deceived for months. "wow" You may think I am blowing smoke about national coverage but unlike you I am a black and white person and I stand behind what I believe is wrong and wright.

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