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this is a scam

This is not a real website! There is no such site and my security scan says its an impersonation.. Kmart is a huge company... How are they going to scam everyone like that...!!

  • Zx
    zx Oct 08, 2008
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    you are a maroon, sorry that your security program kicks it out but just google it and see that it is a real site

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  • Ma
    maria covino Nov 10, 2008
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    I cannot believe that a company as large as K-Mart would advertize falsly. Why do you want people to give a feedback and be entered for a gift card if there is no such thing. I will give my feedback anyway, my receipt # is 09161 110908 003 51359. I went to K-Mart looking for curtains and some christmas gifts only to find nothing as usual . Its very depressing to shop at K-Mart in Berwick Pa, because they never have anything they advertize in flyer, and when you ask anyone that works there, they never know what you are talking about. My name is Maria Covino. If Martha Stewart ever came to this store she would totally lose it. She would close it.

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  • Gh
    g helton Nov 11, 2008
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    try to to enter sweepstakes and my id # keep getting rejected. K mart blows

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  • Se
    Sean Nov 19, 2008
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    this is a real website.

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  • Mi
    mishely1 Jul 20, 2009

    The website address for The K-Mart Feedback Survey & Sweepstakes is:


    The website is sponsored by The Link Group which is a market research group.

    I have filled out the feedback form & sweepstakes entry numerous times myself & can attest to the fact that the site DOES exist!

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  • Ma
    Madchen Nov 23, 2009

    "you are a maroon" I believe you mean "###, " since "maroon" is a color.

    You guys, this is not a scam. You are simply SEARCHING for instead of typing it into your address bar. You are getting this site where all the other ###s are winding up.

    I feel really sad when I find hundreds of these complaints on this website because I can't believe there are so many stupid people out there in the United States. Any company's internet site you don't understand must be a scam. I'll bet you are the type of people that, when you don't understand a trick a magician does, believes he works with Satan to use supernatural forces.

    I guess it shows you what type of people typically shop at Kmart.

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  • Mi
    MichaelAIL Apr 20, 2010

    Madchen, Maroon is not just a color it can also mean to be Marooned on like an island (alone and stranded) or simply put, stuck.

    this website is real. Try Google. It's the next best thing to sex.

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  • Jo
    John Darr Aug 20, 2012

    my wife was told by the cashier that the computer was down. she wants her reward points put on her card. Merch id# 43509328 receipt # 09328 081812 034 14939 8/18/12 3:43pm 9328 34 1493 0060 name marilyn darr please e-mail us back at [email protected] so we will known for sure that they where put on her card. thank you john darr

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rude employee

I was cking out when Zelphia keep yelling @ the lady that was cking me out, her name is Celestina telling her to go to another register-saying can't you hear me go to ck out 2-Celestina said I have a customer but that didn't matter to Zelphia-she con't to yell @ her-even the lady cking out next to us said that she was sorry that WE didn't deserve that someone should tell the manager-I believe she tried to find him-Celestina was so upset she was shaking & looked as if she was going to cry- I went to consumer service to complain-when I was talking to a supervisor Zelphia started yelling @ Me to the point that everyone there was watching both of us & she was about 15 feet away so everyone could hear-then she put her hand up like tlk to the hand-I came home & cld the store asking for the manager he didn't come to the phone & didn't answer his page-left my name & # asking for a call back & none returned-I'm 54 yrs old & have never seen such bully behaver from an employee to both consumer & co-worker.She needs to be shown to the door!!I shop there often but I may never go in there again because of her.Please do something about her!!

feedback survey

There is no website to summit the survey and enter 19 digit receipt #. This is just another example how kmart...

washing machine

I purchased washing machine on 20-09-2017 and took deleivery on 21-09-2017. I open it and try to start it...

live plants department

I just purchased two plants at your 250 west 34th st. Kmart and want to say your live plant department is a disgrace - plants are living things which need care! The two poor plants I bought were so dry that I purchased a bottle of water at the register ($1.49) and watered them outside the store so that they would survive the walk home. I spoke to the cashier about how neglected the plants were-she referred me to the manager, who did not seem to really care. Kmart is wasting their money by not caring for the plants they wish to sell. Shame on you-plants are living things!!!

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misleading sales signs

I shop kmart alot anyways I went last night to purchuse a purse and in the womans clothing section they had a table set up and the sign on the side of the purses sais sail with a list of original prices and then the sale price... When I went up to pay it rang up the original price and I said they are on sale and they said no thats just for apparal.. Well the other side of the sign did say apparal and had some shirts or something on them but I found this very misleading and they were quite snotty with me like I was some dumb # or somthing!!! They need to fix this problem as im sure im not the only one who didnt understand this and I think they should have honored the sign and been a little nicer... Will be my last trip there!!!

  • Pa
    Patio set Jun 08, 2012

    I also shop at Kmart very frequently. On June 8, 2012, I was shopping for a patio set. The sale sign stated that the 7 piece set was for sale for 200. +, which appeared to be a great price. The patio set had 6 chairs, and the sign said seven pieces. The sales person indicated that this was the price for the 6 chairs only. I indicated to her that 6 chairs + i table = 7 pieces. They stated that the math was incorrect. I have been waiting for hours for the manger to call me/

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  • Rb
    rbreach Aug 16, 2012

    I called the health department on my Kmart. Kmart is a piece of ### .

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customer service

On Saturday I was in your store in Santa Paula, CA with my mother. There was Spanish music playing. This is the United States not Mexico. Also, when I was in line to check out there were 2 employees at the check out stand. One at the register the other just standing there maybe to put items in a bag. Nevertheless these 2 girls never stopped talking. It was all about their personal lives and saying things that should have not been said. This is so unprofessional. If there had of been an manager in sight I would have spoken to them. No matter what the age of an employee they have to be taught and trained. This store is very important to the citizens in Santa Paula. I would think that it is also very important to K-MART for this store to be kept clean and ran professionally.
Thank you,
Patty Patterson

  • Pa
    Pacya Nov 27, 2009

    On 27 November 2009, 08 pm,
    Kmart Montauk Highway West Babylon

    I am visiting my fiancee in US. I have been purchasing in Kmart many years from most of the states on our work travelling. During this time, when we need a favor from your customer service just to call for a taxi, they were always welcome to help us when it's hard to get the transportation around US because we did not travelling by car but by cruise ship.

    And what a surprise when I shopped to your store and accidentally my fiancee could not pick me up, I was asking a deep favor to the security about how to get the taxi. He directed me to the customer service. The lady customer service was glad tried to help while she had to take care another customer. Until suddenly her supervisor came, a man in blue telling her that they could not call a taxi for me. They asked me to call by public phone since my cellphone was out. Fine for me, so when I asked if they have a phone book, this rude blue man just said they have none while not even saw my eyes when he answered me and just ignored me while I really need so badly the transportation to go home. At the end I just stood by the customer counter waiting for a favor from them, but nothing, they did not even bother to see my face. Why? Because I am not white?
    It's just hard to believe, after having been travelling in many states in US with those friendly services of your store around the country, still shocking me I encounter this kind of attitude. I am sure it will cost you none for this. At least for a moral help when it is so hard to find a taxi, no bus, no car and nobody picked me up. Just no acsess at all for transportation, so at the end I had to walked all the way to my home in really bad freezing, dark and windy weather for a long as 28 blocks with all my heavy shopping stuff left and right.
    Kindly, this will not happend again to other people who had a situation just like me.
    Thank you!

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check writing policy

I visited a Kmart store today. This was my first visit in approximately five years. I was reminded why I do...

shopping expierence

Had to wait 25 minutes for the costumer service lady argue with the costumer in front of us about a price she was accusing the customer as changeing the price on item also then the manager came he had his shirt hanging out of his pants didn't even try to help the cashier cashier was great (Shauna) I spent 257.23 dollars and the manager was going to close down the cashier when I was the next customer on line I had already put up all the merchandise and folded everything so I could bag my items as she scanned all my items. I now it is very hard to get help now but you should have more than 3 cashiers and 32 customers on line. Then move cashier to a back register.

website doesnoy have entry

The advertisement which is printed on the back of the kmart receipt "kmart values your feedback tell us about...

Resolved bad service

Champion battery obtained from KMart on 1-5-05. 84 month warranty with

free replacement within 36 months. Died a few weeks ago. Took to Wind Gap, PA KMart on 1-2-08 with my receipt. Workers wanted to give me $32.00. Said their warranty is different from the manufacturers. Contact Champion, maybe they can help.

I need a free battery according to the warranty right on the side of the battery. Was told they can only do what the computer says. I said I could care less about their computer, I want my battery replaced. They said Sears threw out all the old books, changed the computer, so they can no longer look it up and help me like they could in the past.

They will not give me a replacement battery because of the price difference for a comparable item. Of course Die Hard batteries were 30 percent overpriced for a comparable item to begin with, that is why I got it from KMart in the first place. So of course there is a price difference.

They say they do not carry Champion. I said the different brands are mostly all made in Lyons Station near Reading, the only difference is in the individual companies' profits.

Champion has not yet called back. They do not give their hours at 1-800-START IT. 1-866-KMart 4U is a long wait when you call. I did not have the patience for that, being already steamed.

Champion Part No. 65-84, 850 CC Amps. Bar Code [protected]).


I have creditors hounding me. I do not need $32.00, I need a battery to go to work. Sears will not make good on the warranty. KMart will not make good on the warranty.

Shopping at KMart or Sears is not for Gary. I used to pay the extra money for the shorter lines and the great customer service on returns. This service, in my experience, is no longer there.

Wal-Mart gets all my business now, they do not even ask for the receipt on dead auto batteries they sold. No more Sears. No more KMart.

unfriendly cashier

I don't know if Kmart ever has a policy of teaching their cashier's to be polite to the people they are serving. I've worked with the public, and I always believe common courtesy to the customer is the best thing a company can depend on to know their customer's will return. I'm sorry I didn't experience that today. I spent over 100.00 for school clothing for my granddaughter's, and almost just pushed them aside. I had trouble with the debit machine, and no help was offered me. K-MART, LISTEN UP!!! Teach your associates how to be polite. I can assure you, the customer's do really appreciate it!!!

  • As
    Ashley Oct 09, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been on both sides of the counter-as a customer and as a cashier. I always found it interesting that customers feel they can say whatever they want to a cashier yet if a cashier does not treat them like a King or Queen they are called rude. Now, I wasn't there and I'm not necessarily saying this is the case with you.

    Cashiers slave their assess off for minimum wage, get yelled at from everything from store prices, to a spill in the aisle to a store being out of a product. You name it, they have experienced it. While I was working with a training sign up to clearly indicate to customers that I was new and learning, I was yelled at, called stupid and useless and accused of holing up the line.

    Next time a cashier is not Mary Sunshine (downright rude is another story) try to cut them some slack.

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mis representation

On Sunday July 20, I went to our K-Mart to purchase a Memory Foam mattress topper which was advertised in the K-Mart Sale flyer. The price for the single size extra long was to be $14.95. When I had the price checked for a single size it was $66.95. When I asked a clerk why, she said "Just because it was in the flyer doesn't mean we ACTUALLY carry it. " If it is advertised, should it not LEAGALLY be available, even if you have to get a rain check to purchase one at the advertised price? And the local merchants in our town wonder why people drive 17 mile to Trinidad CO to go to Wal-Mart!!!

grill caught fire, will not replace

I recently bought a grill for my husband for his birthday July 10th, the next day July 11th it caught fire the hose and couplings had leaks so the gas under the grill caught fire. It burnt and melted underneath the grill. We called Sears for repairs, the technican in a sears van and sears uniform came to our house the next day. He explained it would be 2 weeks for all the parts to come in, but he would suggest we get a new grill he said they will even deliver it to the house. So we called Kmart the manager was unprofessional and unwilling to help except he suggested we bring the old burnt up grill in we explain it is assembled and it will not fit in out SUV's, not his problem he explained so we told him about the technican coming to the house the manager at Kmart said have Sears one source fax us a copy of the technican's report, okay. We then called One Source again they told us they have no record of a technican being a our house!!! So I am back a square one again, faxing One Source a copy of my Kmart sales reciept. What a mess I will never shop Kmart or Sears ever again. Denise and James Sanders

  • Ha
    happymom14850 May 29, 2011

    I purchased the same grill at kmart and mine keeps catcing fire. I want my money back!

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  • Gr
    Grill Jan 14, 2014

    I have the black and stainless grill model 161156, and it catches in fire every time I use it guaranteed. Sears has not replaced it yet, although it was under warranty at the time and had reported the issue multiple times to them. They told me they MIGHT negotiate if I give them another $105 dollars to extend the warranty. Sears customer service has been on the decline for years, I guess that's why the company has been struggling financially for years and is currently selling assets to pay the bills. Customer service is terrible, they respond to people in ways that make the customer feel like they're the guilty party and are lying to them at sears.

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Would not hire me due to misdemeanor charge

I had applied 4 a job at kmart I had got hired they did a back ground check on me revealed 2 petty...

wheelchairs for shopping

I very much like shopping at K-Mart. The problem is that when I take my Mother with me they are no...

I got a cut on my hand

I was shopping at the store looking at the body pillows and I was putting one back on the shelf and the shelf...

rude cashiers, rude supervisor

Rude cashier ripped me off for 20$ ruder supervisor tossed me a slip of paper after i asked her for tapes of cashier wrote my name #, and incident down, she stuffed it in her pocket and walked away. Called her today 7/2/08 and she said her till was right and hung up on me., i spend quite a bit of money there and
my roommate used her sears card to buy a movie... then we spent 100.00, 2 days before that, were also served by yet another rude male cashier, i see a pattern here. 20$ was never the issue here... also the stores usually dirty and the restrooms are filthy. This store has lost my, our business!

debit card scam

Cashier added $20.00 from my debit card saying I asked for cash back.I didn't and can count the times I ever have done so. When I went back to confront him after I checked my receipt out he insisted he folded the $20.00 bill and handed it to me with my receipt. I told him he never gave me any money back and why would he fold the money anyway. First he insisted he would know as soon as he opened his drawer and checked. I waited. When he opened his drawer after waiting on a customer he just handed me a 20.00 saying he believed me if I said he didn't give me any money. I believe I made too much noise and he didn't want any trouble with his boss. When I got home and told my husband of this we looked at the receipt and found he charged me $11.00 too much for the two items on sale that I did purchase anyway! What should have been a $16.00 sale was a $27.00 sale. I think I'm just done with Kmart! Their cashier's are so very rude and VERY UNEDUCATED ! one shouldn't need a special degree but should at the very least know how to speak proper english!!

  • Sm
    smartvhf Feb 18, 2011

    I noticed that you cannot send them an email. They have enough rude liberals working at their walmart stores . Why make it so impossible to reach their liberal customer service reps? If you want a nicer card that has no fees try that one great western union gold card. It's so cool cool .

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standing in long lines

I was in Kmart on Saturday 6-14-08 and all they had was lane 4 open and the quick lane. And there were so...