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Leesburg, VA, United States

We purchased a kia sorento about a week ago and after second day we noticed that they have overcharged us on the purchase and some advantages of warranty that they mention is included they charged it on our car loan
When we walked in no one who was so excited to assist us on the day or purchase even bothered to ask what was our concern.
After waiting for about two hours a sales manager mentioned that the person who is in charge was not in yet and we will have to wait
We kept waiting and after about two and half hour we were approached by finance director who said they can't amend the price but can only remove the $2000 that was charged to us and we did not agree to that and asked if we could speak to a general manager he mention that the manager was not in
And we said well will fix an appointment with the secretary to meet the gm apparently the gm was in and when the situation was explained he asked the sales person if they did make us sign the offer form and they said no
And he asked them if this was done inside the box they mentioned yes!
So the gm told us if you aren't happy leave the car and go and he mentioned if they can't explain it to me than they can't explain it to you
We asked before we left if there is anything else they mention no you can leave the keys and your down payment will be returned to you

After about two hours coming back home they call and tell us we have damaged the car and we will have to pay for the costs!
And we knew we never did that because our intention was not to return the car but for them to amend things.
They claimed they have the footage that no one touched the car after we left and we are liable and the sales manager even hung up after we said we want to see the footage!
And when we walked in to ask them to return our down payment yet they accused and kept pushing the time frame away saying the person in charge is not in
We have also gone thru reviews on this dealership that many has faced similar issues!!

Please let us know how we can handle this

Date of purchase : 06/14/2017

Jun 20, 2017

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