Kia Motors / bluetooth not working on my 'new' used venga

Enfield England Greater London, United Kingdom
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Dear Sir,

I bought a used Kia Venga ( 64 plate) from the Brayleys Enfield branch on Sunday 8th January.

I use blue tooth for work constantly. My car before this one was also a Kia Venga but with no in-built blue tooth, instead I had a Parrot unit fitted, but wishing to have a better system which was also neater (not a box stuck on the dashboard) I opted to upgrade to have an in-built blue tooth system and purchased the current car for £9, 000+.

The blue tooth does not work, which is the sole reason I bought this car.

The salesman tried to show me on the day I picked up the car, another salesman also tried on 8th January. Neither succeeded and decided it was a diagnostic problem.

I brought the car back in ten days later when they had an available courtesy car for me to have the diagnostics checked. Unhappy with the service given see separate e mail below.

I returned the next day to collect my car and was told that there was no problem with diagnostics. Only that no one had understood how to work it (extraordinary!). The service reception staff member showed me ...with a series of four clicks how to answer a call (one short, one long, one long, one short) . Takes about four to five seconds for blue tooth to connect, by which time I have experienced every caller hanging up on me. One cannot call out on the system either. This system is unworkable. The handbook says to answer a call, press the call button; no mention of four times or a series of different length clicks.

I contacted the Manager Mr Anam Islam who arranged for me to yet again return (third time in less than three weeks) and a technician would show me how it works.

I returned, yet the technician could not in fact make it work consistently. He seemed to be guessing how to answer the call as well. Thus the system does not work for which I selected this car for and paid for. The ‘boss’ technician has offered to have a parrot unit fitted for me instead. This however is back to square one for me. The whole point of purchasing this car was to not have an additional unit fitted. I cannot believe that because the fitted part is not working it is being suggested I have an add on.

This is equivalent to one of the tyres not working and settling for a bicycle wheel being fitted instead.

Any other product I would be able to return it within 28 days and receive a full refund. This is what I am asking for now. I am unhappy with the suggested outcome, it is not what I paid for.

I have attached my earlier e mail below that I sent to Mr Islam the Manager, for your information. Disappointed to say the least with the management and service received.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Sheena Amin

EMAIL to MANAGER MR ISLAM sent on MONDAY 23rd January

Dear Sir,
I recently bought a Kia Venga from your Enfield dealership.

I don’t know who runs or manages the garage but it has not been very good to date. Disappointing since the Harpenden dealership I’ve previously used has been a delight to work with.

Firstly upon first collecting my car after buying it, the salesman was unable to operate the blue tooth facility, and neither could a colleague of his on the day.
( If I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have accepted the car). They decided it must be a diagnostic problem therefore I was to bring my car back in, having phoned up on Monday to book a day.

Bearing in mind my business depends on phone calls, having blue tooth was an absolute priority when buying a ‘new’ car.

I phoned up dutifully, but at any rate a date was not available until ten days later when I could have access to a courtesy car which was fully available. Incredibly long wait I thought but I was caught with no option but to accept this.

Arriving at just after 8 am as agreed last Thursday with my car and to collect the courtesy car, I would have expected the courtesy car to be ready to drive away.
Not so, firstly, the planned car had no petrol in it and so I was offered another courtesy car. I was amazed that both were totally frosted up, no preparation, so I scraped the ice off with my own ice scraper. The service person did bring out a glass of hot water to use, which was laughable, hardly going to unfreeze every car window.

And it was a manual car, sadly because of sciatica and a herniated disc, I can only drive an automatic car without leg pain. Not a comfortable two days in the courtesy car which the service man left me with to work out the controls and put it into gear.

I returned the following day as agreed at 10 am to collect my car. Sadly, there it was covered in ice, I scraped it off myself. In the old days, cars used to also get a wash when coming into garages, I think this tradition has been lost at your dealership.

So, the service man tells me, not a diagnostic problem, just that no one read and followed instructions in the handbook about which buttons to press re blue tooth.
Infuriating if that really was the case !

However to answer a call, one allegedly has to press the button once short, twice long, once short...needless to say every phone call I’ve had since Friday, the person has hung up on me as takes too long to answer.
Reading the handbook, there is no mention I can see, of this need to press buttons. And I still can t phone out.
The handbook says
‘Answering a call
Press the Call button on the steering wheel remote control to accept an incoming call.’

I can t believe what I’ve been told is correct. It’s an unworkable nightmare !

Oh and last point the service man forgot to give me back my car’s spare key. Admittedly I forgot to ask, but I’m not surprised at myself, as I was highly irritated !

I phoned on Saturday re the key, she said she’d leave a message for staff on Monday. I called today, no message had been left from Saturday as far as could be seen I was told.

I am not driving all the way to Enfield, ( I’m in Edgware, took me an hour last week to get home ) yet again to collect a key, when I should never have had to go back in the first place. I need it posted by secure means. Thank you.

Yours sincerely
Sheena Amin

Jan 29, 2017

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