Kia Motors / alloys on kia sportage uk ma62 bck

United Kingdom

I have had 3 replacement sets of alloys for my Sportage and every time the alloy has bubbled under the lacquer on the alloy. Clearly there is an issue in production during the process where either oxygen or some other element is causing a reaction with the metals used.
These have all been refurbed however it is difficult to understand how you can refurb when the alloy itself is the issue.
I have requested a different style of alloys as the ones I have have a consistent fault. I have been told this has been refused by Head Office. i cannot understand why as Kia has not been able to supply me with 'fit for purpose' alloys since I got the vehicle from new. Please could you resolve this as soon as possible? I have been a Kia owner for over 14 years along with other members of my family and have always found service good. It will make me seriously consider other makes when I purchase my next vehicle.

May 2, 2017

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