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KFC South Africa / service / quantity

South Africa Review updated:
On Saturday 03 January 2009, I've stopped at the KFC in Ladybrand to purchase lunch. My order was a three-piece, coleslaw and mash and gravy.

I have requested that I do NOT want a breast portion, but rather two thighs and a drumstick. I was told I can NOT order like this and I must take what they serve, which in this case would have been a wing, a thigh and a drumstick. Apparently, a thigh is considered a large portion. Should I wish to have two thighs and a drumstick, they will have to sell this to me individually at a higher price. I took the two thighs and drumstick, at the higher charged price, only to discover that the thighs are as small as the drumstick.

Trying to reason with the cashier was obviously a waist of time as she was NOT interested in listening to my complaint. So, I ended up having three small portions of chicken at the higher price.
The medium size mash potatoes I have ordered ended up being 80% sauce and 20% mash, which unfortunately, I only discovered when I got to my Hotel room in Lesotho (Maseru).

What happened a) to customer service and b) value for money? I found this totally unacceptable and hope to receive an explanation for this. Why is it that I MUST be charged extra for the chicken thighs which ends up being the same size as a drumstick? The same apply to the mash and gravy, which was literally only gravy.

I have to add in saying that I was still hungry after having had my lunch.

I trust you see this in the same light and with the same urgency as I do and I hope to hear from you soonest.

Kind regards,


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  19th of Apr, 2008
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KFC South Africa - Bad Service
South Africa

On 2008/04/18 I was at the drivethrough at the KFC in Welkom. As there were no attendant at the order kiosk I drove on to the cashiers window to place my order. I was told to drive around to the order kiosk as there was someone who would take my order there. Naturally I refused because there were already six vehicles behind me and on my first round the attendant there were absent. I relayed this to the person at the cashiers window and after a heated discussion and back chat, my order were eventually taken. On previous occasion I ordered a Streetwise 5 and when I arrived home only found one chicken piece and chips in the bag. It was futile to go back as the store would not believe me. I am of the opinion that the staff at that KFC are under the impression that they are doing one a favour to help you. There are more conversations going on behind the counter than people being served. If the manager feels this behaviour is acceptable, I certainly would not consider shopping there again.
  26th of Apr, 2011
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Why is that all KFC's in Lesotho (Pioneer Mall, NRH Mall and Bus Stop. and yes i have been to them all) dont give Vinegar when buying meals, especially meals which include chips/fries. try to imagine this, you buy a family feast meal and they give you only 1 sachet of vinegar. whenever i try to reason with them to give me extra vinegar, they tell me that vinegar is given only on request and is limited 1 sachet per customer. im a vinegar lover especially on my chips/fries. now how am i gonna be able to enjoy myself if they wont give me vinegar with large meals. let alone wise two's.
All i ask is vinegar with meals and no prejudice.
Thank you!
  26th of Apr, 2011
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Oa nyela Hlatsoane. Ithekele vinegar ea hau monna ha u e batla. Next o tlo ba batla mustard, nxa!

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