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KFC / filthy conditions, staff uniforms, service and smell

United States Review updated:
The KFC in Wentzville, MO is disgusting. It smells like a toilet when you walk in the door, tables and floor filthy, counter unwashed, dirty used trays piled high, Team Members with faded, dirty, dishevelled uniforms, and attendants who can barely string a coherent sentence together. I can't eat there anymore after a year of watching the place go downhill.


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  6th of Oct, 2008
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New South Wales

I have eaten their a number of times going through the drive through and not ONCE have i recived what i asked for.a number of times i have not recived my chips, i have orded a three peice feed and not recived 3 peices of chicken ... i am so over spending so much money on KFC and not getting what i want.
  30th of Oct, 2008
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KFC High Wycombe - Uncooked food
High Wycombe
England, Buckinghamshire
United Kingdom
Phone: 0781000561

Food was not cooked through out and as a result suffered from food poising.
  28th of Aug, 2014
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Like 2 weeks ago i stopped by kfc in redmond, wa. In dinner time and i was waiting for somebody to help me with my order and nobody helped me and i go outside and i saw a lady with a black shirt and a lot of tattoos on both arms. She was next to a white boy like 17 - 19 years old and they were smoking marijuana, when they saw me they went through the back door. I went back inside and the workers that i had seen outside came in laughing very loud and smelling terribly like marijuana. They tryed to take my order but i didn't accept their offer so i left the store immediately. They smelled so bad. That's a very bad review for kfc !!! I am never going there again, im going to tell all my friends to not go there ever again to the redmond kfc, if this is one of your managers you have to do something about it !! Think about it thats a bad influence, just imagine that if it wasnt me seeing them and it was little kids, how bad that would be. - kate green
  23rd of Oct, 2015
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  10th of Nov, 2015
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