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Reviews and Complaints


service and condition of the store.

We went at 5:15pm after paying for the buffet and sitting down. The smell was horrendous. It smell like open sewer. We moved back to the main dining area where the smell wasnt as strong. The buffet was filthy looking as were the floors and tables. There was quite a few patrons there and I heard more than one person ask to have more plates set out, only to stand there and wait for at least 5 minutes. They never refilled any of the chicken and when they were asked about it they were told "we're working on it. In the 25 minutes we were there none was ever brought out.


unfair labor!

My wife has worked there for 3 yrs... she finally mad shift manager and put in for her vacation and vacation pay. Recently, her store manager has a friend who started back there. My wife has had no write ups at all, then within 2 days with the managers friend working there she ended up with 7 write ups and demoted from her shift position, deducted .25 from her pay and they denied her, her vacation pay and now works maybe 6-12 hrs a week.

All the customers loved my wife, she was friendly and outgoing and would talk with the customers as if she knew them. After 3 yrs of service this is how they treated her... I will be in contact with the Labor Board on the matter or if someone out there knows how to deal with this problem let me know cause Id love to smack the hell out of her boss.