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Kentucky Fried Chicken / food poisoning

1 New Britain AvenueWest Hartford, CT, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (860) 953-9144

I went to the KFC early evening and waited on line for nearly a half hour even though there were only 2 people ahead of me in line inside. The people working were only filling drive thru orders and ignoring the customers in the store. When I complained repeatedly asking to speak to the manager I was ignored completely. When they finally did take my order they gave me hot wings instead of the barbecue I specifically asked for, I didn't notice this until I got home. I called to complain but they didn't answer there phone though I let it ring 20 times twice. I then called your corporate customer service number to complain there. I left my complaint, hung up and proceeded to pass out the food from the 10 piece I had ordered since no one in the family would eat the hot wings. After a few minutes my wife jumped up from her chair and ran to the bathroom throwing up violently. When she was finally able to tell me what was wrong she showed me the chicken and it was raw in the middle.

We immediately gathered all of it up and made everyone else who had eaten it vomit with ipecac so that no one would get equally ill. Fortunately for us my wife and I had eaten the larger pieces and hoped that it was only the bigger pieces that were undercooked. I again tried calling the store repeatedly, finally got someone to answer, told them the problem and they proceeded to hang up on me, it was a female who did this. I later found out it was either Arlene or Nadine (Arlene being the original girl who waited on me in the store and repeatedly ignored me). I called back again and had a different female answer say "No Habla Espanol" and hang up on me again. By this time I was livid, grabbed the raw chicken and car keys and headed down to the store.

I went in there asking again to speak to the manager and have him call the owner. I then noticed Arlene the original culprit laughing off to the side through this whole thing and some girl with bright red hair was joining in the laughter (I'm assuming that was the other girl who answered the phone earlier, so that would be Nadine). Wesley who I was told was the manager told me he paged the owner, the phone rang after he paged, he spoke to someone for at least 4 minutes, came back in and told me the owner was unreachable and that he didn't have any incident reports to record this and that in order for any kind of a refund I would have to transport everyone who had eaten the raw chicken to the hospital. The whole time this was going on Arlene and her redheaded friend were laughing. When I told her raw chicken was not a joke she laughed even louder and walked away from me.

I am positively furious that this happened to me and my family. My wife is convinced that not only the wrong order being handed to me but the chicken being raw was a direct result of my complaining that the service was so slow. If this is in fact true their employees need to be taught that raw chicken is not a harmless joke, it could have killed someone. It's now 12 days later and my wife is still sick with diarhea and vomiting. I spoke with our family physician has done some tests because she has been sick for so long and we are awaiting the results.

On top of everything else I was told this past monday that the reason the owner of the store hadn't called me back was because he was at the store taking care of the problem. I went down there to talk to him only to have them tell me he wasn't there. I dropped the soda I had ordered and walked out even more pissed than ever. It's now wednesday and those ###s actually sent the police to my house to tell me that I had a trespassing violationg against me and my wife (she has never even been there) and that we were no longer allowed to have any contact with that store. Nice way to try to strong arm your customers kfc. This is not going to be dropped.

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  • Da
      4th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    its a little too fast for food poisoning to set in from raw chicken. and ipecac for everyone else is pretty hilarious.

  • Le
      13th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I had waited in line over 20 mins. he took my order and money then told me they didn't have the breast and it would be another 7 mins. I asked for my money back. He asked for my receipt. he had not given me one. I checked my pockets and purse, no receipt. I had to leave without the chicken and without my $4.22POOR SERVICE!!!

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