Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / lack of butter, jelly, or honey

We have 2 KFC's available to us. One in Greensboro, NC and one in High Point, NC. I have yet to go in and ask for butter and jelly for my biscuit and received both. They are always out of one of the other. Today, they had jelly (surprise) but no butter. Isn't there anything corporate can do to "encourage" proper ordering of biscuit supplies ?
I like to eat my biscuit last with butter and jelly to act as a dessert. I ALWAYS know they will be out of one or the other and most of the time it is jelly.
In addition, I found a hair, not a feather, in one of my 4 wings. I ended throwing that wing away and didn't ask for another wing.
The store in High Point rarely cleans their tables off. One must set at a dirty table if eat-in is preferred.
Ir seems to me that these restaurants need help.

Jul 29, 2018

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