Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / drive/through service

United States

I drove to the window around 11:45 and the cashier asked fro my order and I gave it but no one ever said anything else. So I kept waiting to see if someone would ask for my order again or ask me to speak up, still no one responded or said anything and plus I was the only car at the window no one else was in drive-thru at the time. From that point I drove to the window and the manager on duty at the time said we couldn't hear you. Now remind you that know one ever said we cant hear you or asked me to repeat myself which means that you heard me but didn't say anything. She told me I needed to drive back around because she couldn't take any orders at the window even though no one was at the window.

So I got out and went in and order A fill up for $5.00.
Restaurant # G135462
Ticket# 4996
All she had to do was take my order. What happened to honesty, courtesy, respect, and integrity...

Oct 16, 2017

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