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Chase Mortgage Co. has completely botched up my refinance. This company will not get back to you, will treat you like a #, will take for ever to complete any transactions and still will not get the job done. After 5 months of trying to put a refi together I have finally had to give up. My credit is great, i'm employed and have a huge amount of equity in my home. For five months there was problem after problem with Chase trying to get this refi done. Anyone looking to refi should not use Chase; just another big bank that doesn't care about you.

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      Oct 01, 2010

    We have been with Chase for a little over 2 years now and I must say they are terrrible! My husband was laid off last winter and after receiving multiple letters of "We want you to stay in your home" we call and were gladly put into their homeowners assistance program. Well that was the first mistake! We believed they truly wanted to help us but for the past YEAR, we have been trying to have our loan motified and have sent a thousand copies of all the "required income paystubs, bank statements...blah blah blah, and Chase has either lost them, or they have gone into the bazillion differenent departments they have and all the 95 people we have talked to over the year...NO ONE HAS A CLUE AND ALL THE STORIES ARE DIFFERENT oh and how many "lost drafts departments are there? One day we are approved for our new loan, the next time we are in forclosure, the next time we need to send them more paperwork, that mind you, we have already sent twice before... and as of today, our paperwork is more than 3 months old, so guess guessed it, we have to resend everything again!!! We have asked to talk to the underwriter and were told "no that it is illegal". We have been transferred to multiple people in multiple departments and oh ya, the best thing about that is trying to talk to and explain to someone that DORS NOT EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH!!! Thats awesome!!! (just today talked with 9 different people, dropped transferred calls 4 different times and was on the phone for 1 1/2 hours and the last person was so rude and treated us like crap). So, needless to say this has been a very frustrating process and oh did I mention they sent one of our mortgage checks back to someone in W. Virginia with a letter saying they cannot accept a personal check on a forclosure.???? It was not even the right people nor the correct loan number!! OMG!! Unbelievable!! Good luck to the rest of you that have Chase, it's a FRICKIN NIGHTMARE!!!

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