Jet Airways Opodo / denied boarding 2 jet airways flights

St Helier, United Kingdom

I wish to lodge a complaint with your organisation for the way I recently was treated by Jet Airways. I booked a trip earlier this year through the website from Paris to Delhi via Mumbai. I was due to return to Paris on the 17th August and ended up being stuck in Mumbai area for a number of days. I spent that time trying to get Jet Airways to reply to my phone calls and emails to try and get them to fly me back to Paris, all to no avail.I landed in Mumbai from Delhi on the 16th August at around 10PM and was due to fly out to France a few hours later, ie at 2AM on August 17th. It is then that Jet Airways announced to me that they wouldn't let me check in eventhough I had a legitimate booking. The only reason they gave was that my name was not on the passenger list. I then contacted Opodo and they sent me a new booking for a later flight the same day. Jet Airways again denied me the right to check in. I have proof that I was due to fly that day as the service manager for Jet Airways at the airport printed off a copy of the flights I had booked from Paris (all with Jet Airways) and it clearly shows I was booked on a flight that day to Paris. The document I have is my possession and is called a "Virtual Coupon Record".Opodo and Jet Airways are now ignoring all my requests for help and compensation that I have made via phone call or email.I incurred numerous expenses such as hotel, taxi, phone calls in order to try and break the deadlock with these 2 companies, all to no avail. I estimate the total loss I have suffered to be about GBP1000.May I add that dealing with the JA staff at the Mumbai airport proved to be a horrible experience. I got nowhere.I would be grateful if you could advise what my rights are and how I can obtain compensation from Jet Airways and/or Opodo.Needless to say I would recommend users NOT to use these 2 companies at all.

Sep 08, 2014

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