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mumbai, SG
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Recently I booked a return flight from Delhi to Singapore for my sister while returning from Singapore we faced a rude travel desk employee of Jet Airways at web checkin counter Singapore. My sister was having two bags for checkin and two hand carry bags. Total weight for checkin bags was fine but for hand carry the employee started saying that you will have to purchase extra luggage which was of 6kg extra of which per kg is 34 SGD wherein I tried to request her that its her first international trip and other airlines like Air India and Singapore Airlines ) with whom I have travelled earlier didn't charged me anything extra, she said this is not budgeted airlines its Jet Airways (I didn't understood her) . We agreed to pay extra luggage charges but then too she kept screaming that if you take extra luggage in hand carry then this may fall on passenger and she will be responsible (really) . Then, after paying for one hand carry luggage 204 SGD for 6 Kgs equivalent to my flight cost (which I have to travel from row11 to row4 and back) she said that the other hand carry also needs to be segregated in two bags don't know why, which we said will do it and to confirm that the same lady came at security counter to double check and she again stopped my sister to confirm if she has segregated or not.

We do understand that this is your standard procedure and you accept extra luggage but being a passenger travelling internationally for first time airlines should be helpful instead of being so arrogant and troublesome. This was my last flight to Jet Airways and I will be never booking any of my future flights with them.

Mar 20, 2017

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