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On 11/11/2011 was veterans day. I had some overdrafts on my checking account and because of the holiday I couldn't take care of the overdraft on 11/12/2011 the banks were closed because of the holiday. I called the bank 24 hr help line and asked them if I made a deposit by 11/14/2011 which is the next business day if the everything would be ok, they assured me that everything would be fine. I had an American Express payment that posted on 11/14/2011 and as a result the money that I deposited on Friday didn't post until Monday so my account was not a negative $100.00 I called the bank once again and to make sure that I would be ok and they told me at 6:00 pm in the evening that if I made another $100 deposit I would be ok, I don't know what banks are open that late at night and even if I had made the deposit it wouldn't have posted till the next business day anyway. All said and done I was charged a $150.00 overdraft fee despite my efforts to bring it current in the 24 hr time frame because of a holiday!!! It was veterans day and my husband is a 38yr veteran!!! We got penalized because of a holiday even after being reassured that we wouldn't!!! Their 24 grace only applies on regular business days, don't get caught in the holiday promises from Huntington, because you will be penalized!!!

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  • Ju
      Dec 12, 2011

    The 24 hour grace thing is a big scam! I woke up, checked my balance and saw I was in the red so I immediately made a transfer. The next day i had 3 overdraft fees. I thought maybe they would drop off or be adjusted the next day so I waited to call the bank. When nothing changed the next day, I called and was handed a bunch of BS. I was told my check was deposited but it was "pending' so it wasn't considered a deposit. The charges I made with my debit card, which were also "pending" were paid immediately to the merchant so - get this- even though they were "pending" they really weren't. So..."pending" is only used in their favor. I'm changing banks this week.

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  • Di
      Apr 08, 2012

    You had an additional withdrawn item come through your account on 11/14 that overdafted your account again? Sounds like someone needs a to teach this bank a lesson. Why don't they have 24 hour ATM, online or phone banking to transfer funds. At least offer free overdraft transfers from your savings account or offer checking reserve. What a scam. Banks should call us before they post our authorized transactions.

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  • Ca
      Nov 28, 2012

    We just got ripped off by Huntington as well. They charged us over $100 in overdraft fees when we never even went below $1, 000!! Even after their fees, we still had over $1, 000 in the bank. They claim it was due to "pending charges"! I think that everyone that has gotten ripped off needs to get together and file a lawsuit. I have all my paperwork showing that I am correct and the bank still refuses to do anything!

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  • Su
      Aug 14, 2013

    I just posted about a similar thing. I unfortunately got bit by the 24 hour grace. Twice they have taken a charge that did put me in the negative then always take the last four charges, no matter when they are and say that they came in after the overdraft. It is horsecrap they do this to try and manipulate "pending" charges in order to make money on the fees they loose from 24hour grace. I am so done with this bank, but have resolved I will not leave them alone, ever. I will email a complaint everyday!

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