Huntington Bankatm usage


On July 1st, 2012 I went to the ATM located at 6705 Orchard Lake Road in West Bloomfield. I went to withdraw $600 from my Chase card that has my unemployment benefits on it. I went to Huntington because it is close to my house. Wish I had never done that. The machine went through the whole transaction and did not spit out the money. And no receipt either. So I went inside and told the teller what happened. She said the machine had been out of money. I didn't realize till later that evening that the ATM deducted the $600 without spitting out the money. So I am 600 short. I was told that it is going to take at least ten days to credit my account. I went to Chase Bank and they were very nice about it. A lot nicer than Huntington Bank Lead Teller. This is very serious for me because I have been unemployed since May and it was money that I desperately needed. They should maintain the ATM so these things don't happen with poor folk who need there money

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