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HSBC Malaysia Credit Card / hsbc malaysia customer service for credit card

1 Malaysia Review updated:

I called up to HSBC on 31st Dec 2009, request to terminate my credit card, and also request to have new replacement visa card, due to existing card cant read by most of the credit card reader at petrol station and shopping mall, tele-banking officer agree to get me a replacement card without any charges and will send to me, within 2 weeks.
After 1 week I called up again to HSBC tele-banking service, to check the status of my replacement card and my cancellation, unfortunately, HSBC officer mention to me, my credit card still active and from system, no request for replacement card, i'm supprise on this and i get the officer to help me to proceed all necessary thing to make this process complete, the ackonwledged my requeste, and promise me to speed up the card replacement process, ask me to wait for another week.
After another 1 more week, i call back to HSBC (FYI, this is my 3rd call to HSBC), also to check out the status of card replacement and cancellation, same answer i get, no action done, system still showing active and no request for cancellation and replacement.This time i very sad to heard about their answer, one of the international local bank HSBC, are giving this type of service to their customer..., same thing for me, request HSBC officer assist me to proceed with my request, they also acknowledge it, also same reply, ask me to wait for 2 weeks.

4th call to HSBC, on 25th Jan 2010, around 10:30-11am, a lady pick up my call, i also asking the same thing, i still getting same answer, no request for cancellation and card replacement, i told her, this is 4th time i calling to request my card replacement and master card cancellation, please help me to proceed with my request. She promise will call me back by end of yesterday, so sad to say that, until now 30-June-2010, i still haven't received any call from HSBC on this matter.


Lau (Malaysia)

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  • Sc
      2nd of Feb, 2010
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    Hi Lau, I think the problem is, each of the officers you had called might be a different person and he or she might not be in a position to approve your card replacement over the phone, so what they can do normally is to help you submit the request, pending the approval of another department or highers-up. And i think this is a bureaucratic procedure and may take some time for review and processing since there's security issue involving credit cards (also, card replacement is free if lost/stolen, other times a review is needed). Maybe there's no formal procedure to record your request on their computer system/database, quite likely the 1st officer submitted your request by filling in a hardcopy form for you, so the 2nd and subsequent times you called there's no way for another officer to track and trace your request. It happened to me on several occasions before so from my experience I can tell you that not everything you spoke with the officer will be input into the bank's formal system, sometimes they simply jot a remark/note down and chances are other staff are going to overlook it. So the rule of thumb is always ask for the officer's name at the end of the conversation. In that way the officer is unlikely to play down or ignore your request but seriously, i don't think HSBC staff would do that because from my personal experience, HSBC has one of the better customer service departments in the banking industry. Maybe there's some misunderstanding/miscommunication going on? Just be patient and give HSBC another chance, since it's not the officer who's rude to you or anything like that. But I think for card replacement it's always best to do it in person at the bank. Last time my Citibank replacement card took more than 2 months to reach me and when i called the bank many times there's nothing much they can do since they already delivered to the courier and it's the courier that failed to delivery due to some reason. Eventually, i instructed the bank to cancel the card in transit and i went to the bank to collect myself. Done within an hour's time!

  • Ml
      18th of May, 2010
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    HSBC 's staff is incompetent! I was deducted twice on my visa card. Lodge a complaint and the manager suppose to revert to me since Saturday 15 May 2010, and yet after waiting for 4 days, nobody from HSBC bothered to revert!
    When I complain, the person in charge does not even reply to my questions or complain. The reply I get makes them look so incompetent in handling clients' dissatisfaction! It shows how weak HSBC team is.
    I wander if the CEO of the bank aware of weakness of his team! What a shame..

  • Ad
      7th of Jul, 2010
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    I had just apply credit when in March and frankly speaking since then it is a night mare when dealing with HSBC. Escpecially the Customer service. Even little simple thing is not done properly.

    I didn't expect it is that worst, Basicly, the customer service do not borther to assist you they just listen to you and that it! Even though you get their name, they don care at the end when you call you will speak to another customer service person.

    I end up visit their branch and complaint. The issue only solve when HSBC complain team (Customer Experience Team) handle my issue.
    I been really patient, but i had enough with HSBC !

  • Sn
      22nd of Oct, 2010
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    I had applied credit card with HSBC in month of August 2010. On 1st week of September i was informed the application was approved but unfortunately the card can't be sent out due to NOT AVAILABLE OF CARD STOCK as mentioned through telephone by HSBC staff.

    Due to my time in Australia for that period of time and i called to check my card location when back to Malaysia. The officer told me to collect the card from one of the HSBC branch but i was wondering as i stated in application form that once the card approved i need it to deliver to the home address. Therefore, i told the officer that please post out my credit card as per application form address. (that is somewhere 3rd week of Sept 2010)
    After long wait till 3 days ago, a call had been made and the officer informed that the card can be received within this week. Today, after failed of more than 5 time calling the HSBC Toll Free with nobody answering the call, i had called to nearest branch (Bagan Luar, Butterworth) and was told another story that my card was an unused card and sent back to KL somemore asking me to wait for another 1 more week probably to send the card again back to northern!!

    What is the meaning of "UNUSED" card? i never received any info regarding the card from HSBC and only myself paying initiative to check my card location since i was informed it had been sending out to my address. A small matter of delivery out the card also the service team failed to do it??somemore no follow up of the case that log in???

    I was totally disappointed with HSBC service as an established oversea bank and lost confidence to continue receive any services in future.
    My decision to terminate the credit card although i had never received it since the approval on 1st week September 2010 was a right decision!


  • Be
      8th of Apr, 2012
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    Hi all, i have too many bad experiences with HSBC and still i m having. Can you imagine i need to make more than 50calls for my credit card point redemption for a voucher and yet i get it after more than 6 months?
    Whenever i call, i need to repeat those stupid story and so what? After apologies, nothing will be done!! This is your world's local bank.
    I do hope someone can tell me how could i exercise my right and go after HSBC as their client.

    Today 08Apr12: Time 1529 called Apple and she agreed to get his supervisor to call me immediately after my call. As usual, no news after almost an hour.
    Today 08Apr12: Time 1529 called Messa (Philippines call center) and again i need to spend my money to repeat the stupid story to her. Finally she agreed to get her supervisor to call me back. She said her supervisor will call me back by 9pm today. I urge her to ensure this to happen, else i want her (messa) to call me back.

    Let see whether any action will be taken.

    Should there is anyone who can give me a good contact to complaint HSBC Msia. Please email me at


  • Br
      28th of Oct, 2012
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    I totally agreed with the negative comments as I just had one this morning with one of the officers from Kuching, Sarawak. A brief write-up. I called to the officer concerned regarding my daughter's housing loan only to be cheated with two comments. First, I was told that my daughter needs to prove her income which has already been proven during loan application. This has wasted my time in listening to nonsense. Second, the officer told he has requested my wife to provide the developer's code which in fact was provided three weeks ago. This type of comment was all wrong in the first place because the final stage is actually pending approval from Kuala Lumpur. Why did he want to keep on talking instead of speaking was only known to his manageress who gave me similar feedback instead of rendering help. Why were the manageress so protective of him is subject your thoughts.
    I have cancelled the credits cards many years ago due to similar problems faced by you. Actually i could still remember vividly the credit balance of less than ten ringgit was not refunded after a few calls including using the phone provided at the ATM.
    The ordeals prompt me to never deal with the said bank which only made you nauseating simply by the thought of it.

  • Br
      28th of Oct, 2012
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    the number in KL? Forget about it as nobody would answer unless you have the time to keep on calling until your ears are swollen

  • Na
      4th of Mar, 2013
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    Is there a problem with your line in Kuala Lumpur 's office phone # 60326909000??? If the calls are answered - it gets cut off and it is perpectually giving an engaged tone.
    How do we get assistance when calls are not answered.

  • Jo
      12th of Mar, 2013
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    One option is to goto any hsbc branch and use provided phone, usually near to ATM, dial 3 for card issue.
    I did that last few days but found their staff is not helpful, might be due to top management. First time in my life getting into trouble cancelling a credit card - hsbc did that to me.
    I have to wait for hsbc to call then only able to proceed cancellation, have waited more than 10 days, yet no call.

  • Ja
      3rd of Jul, 2013
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    Yup. I'm also getting tired of the HSBC credit card service, it is the worst that I have encountered so far. I had a very bad experience last three years, when I'm waiting for my replacement card. Stories here ( And now again, for replacement card, I called on the 9th of June and 2-3 days later I get a SMS saying that my card has been delivered, and if I do not receive it in 2 weeks time, call a given number. After almost a month, I has yet to get my replacement card, and the customer service keep giving me a solution - go to the nearest branch to take, and I was like, why do I have to pay the tolls and take my days off for something like this, and I disagree so I will continue to wait. But I can tell you it's more than 10 working days, for sure, and the customer service keep telling me the HSBC credit card is sent via normal mail and requires up to 10 working days to reach, but if you know, it's been a month, and I'm still waiting. Meanwhile I can swipe other credit cards and then when I get the card, I will give them a call and terminate the card after weeks of nightmare waiting for the card.

  • 56
      28th of Apr, 2014
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    Firstly, pls get someone who answer the call that does not have slang. Can hardly understand a word say . Hsbc does not inform customer that their reward point when will be expired. We do not keep track. But hsbc is fast to calculate for interest, due date etc. at least inform. I lost 59000 point. Why was I not inform. I hv to make my husband to call when he is back from work, then I spoke with Daniel 3167 who promise to get back in 3 days . Now when I call for Daniel I cannot speak to him nor any one unless my husband call. He hv to me next to me bcos I do all transaction, although I hv a supplementary card I can not check any thing, but I can use the card and spend, spend, spend. Every time when call we get a different personal handling, and when we need a follow up, we cannot get the same person and we hv to repeat the story again just a merry go round but problem not solvent. Pls do something before you drive customer away . I hv a mind of switching bank, every month my credit is around 7k and I fully pay all, with no outstanding. Very frustrating ...pls do something to make customer life easier.

  • Ke
      15th of Nov, 2014
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    I also have a bad experience with HSBC. I have a Visa Platinum which I seldom use and my credit limit was RM 16, 000.00 for like more than 10 years. Then suddenly 3 months ago, HSBC suddenly gave me a letter they are reducing my credit limit to RM 5, 000.00. I have never exceeded the limit for the past 10 years and seldom use the card and I pay like more than 100% of the minimum limit every time if I have used it. When I emailed my complaint, they never responded to me like more than 3 days. When they replied, they gave me a standard letter like usage pattern, payment etc. which was like ### as I really seldom use the card. They when I complained again to their complaints website, they were unable to give me an explanation. Then the person replied me said they are reverting back to my old credit limit of RM 16, 000.00. I asked specifically whether if I don't use my card that often it would get my credit limit reduced, they say YES!! So I started using that card. But after that like a month's later when I used my credit card, I found that it was barred as I exceeded RM 5, 000.00. WTH I thought the issue was resolved. I complained via email since 5 days ago and no one gto back to me.

  • En
      21st of Nov, 2014
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    HSBC suck. BIG TIME. Tried to be helpful without actually helping. The customer service are so scared of giving another department's telephone number. And they said, no she doesnt have a line. Wha ...??!! This is 2014 man!! Have cut my card. There are other banks that provide better service.

  • Me
      28th of Nov, 2014
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    I've apply new HSBC credit card recently for the htc programme. Sadly, it been almost a month that I have submitted the application, there is no sign of approval although I'm existing HSBC credit card user with good payment record and salary record within the same bank too.

    I don't understand why the process can't speed up with all the information is readily available. I also in doubt of the htc programme will be any real winner, since the process to approve is that slow.

  • Lo
      30th of Dec, 2014
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    I've applied new HSBC Amanah Credit Card back on early August 2014 due to the reward program of getting the HUAWEI Tablet. I applied it in Midvalley. I was ENSURED or GUARANTEED by the banker (KENSON NG) that i will be entitled to get the HUAWEI TAblet no matter what as long as i spend RM1500 within one month upon receiving the credit card. Due to that, I've spend about RM 1900 within a week after receiving the credit card. However, there's NO news or updates about the HUAWEI Tablet. I've called the customer service on the October 2014 and they said they will made the case report and get back to me within 7 working days. Unfortunately, I received NO call or whatsoever from HSBC. Thus, I tried to call again on the 12 of December 2014 regarding the HUAWEI Tablet. And again they said they will get back to me within 7 working days. As usual, still NO reply from HSBC. I was so pissed off and i called the HSBC customer service again on the 29/12/2014 regarding this matter. And you know what the guy (Arif) said? " After discussing my case to my superior, he decided to give you RM 250 cash back." I was like WHAT?? I felt so digusted, frustrated, and angry at HSBC. I really feel that they are manipulating and deceiving the customers to sign up the credit card by giving empty promises. I'm not letting this go. If the tablet is out of stock, they need to replace something EQUIVALENT to the price of the tablet to me. If there's still no action taken, I will definitely won't let this go!!

  • Ev
      26th of Jan, 2015
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    I agree with loveade. I applied for a new Visa Platinum card in August 2014 when they were running the promotion in Mid Valley Megamall. I was promised and guaranteed a Huawei tablet which will be delivered 60 days after activation of the card. I fulfilled all the criteria and yet I didn't get anything from them. Phone calls to the branch ( Bandar Puchong Jaya) was futile. I called the banker (Ms Rammie Chin) personally a couple of times and my calls went unanswered. I left messages on her phone which she did not bother to reply. I met another team from the same branch at One Utama recently and I complaint to them about their service. One of the staff told me Ms Rammie Chin is their 'top sales". What is the point of being the top in your team in sales, which I would rather call 'cheating', and gives absolutely NO post sales service? Another message was sent to her on the5th of Nov 2014, and she replied this time saying they are still waiting for the 3rd batch of tablets and she will keep me updated. That was the last I ever heard from her, despite me sending her another message on the 6th, 17th Dec 2014 and 27th January 2015. Calls to her went unanswered. I wonder if any of HSBC staffs even read this.

  • Ji
      16th of Jul, 2015
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    Incompetence personified - negligent may be a better way to sum up HSBC's performance in Malaysia! I have lived in Asia for more than 30 years, I have "Premier" HSBC Banking status with accounts in 5 countries... only in Malaysia, truly Asia do I have problems with HSBC! Clearly from comments above dating back to 2010, writing here is going to have no effect but to keep others aware, this bank will NOT provide you a service, period.
    * Get a credit card - they'll deliberately refuse to debit your account until you're almost at the limit...thus they charge more interest. THIS IS THEFT! In spite of written requests / forms / visits, every month I check online, no payment... Try making an online Transfer - TT or SWIFT and HSBC will screw it up, can take weeks where elsewhere it's immediate, the amount will be wrong, they'll deduct the charges from the wrong account, they'll text you the transfers made then a week later credit the money back to your account without advice having deducted the Fee. THIS IS THEFT. Try getting a replacement Security Device after they unilaterally decided to disconnect your original - it will never come, thus solving your transfer problems (above) as without said device you can't make transfers! Tell them a hundred times you're going abroad and you need your ATM to work in certain countries - guaranteed in spite of endless assurances after 3 years of travelling for holidays - it will not work - and forget calling them while you're penniless on holiday because that also won't work... I could go on and on and on, but it's a waste of time... This is NOT HSBC, it's barely a bank although undoubtedly they're making a fortune out of us. This is a bunch of crooks hiding behind a respectable name - they don't give a s__t about customers, or service... I'm changing to Standard Chartered at present and advise you all to follow.

  • St
      21st of Jul, 2015
    0 Votes

    Dear customer,

    Thank you for your interest in applying for a Standard Chartered Credit Card, Kindly click on the following link to apply for a credit card with us

    Thanks and Regards,
    Customer Care
    Standard Chartered Bank

  • Cy
      22nd of Nov, 2015
    0 Votes

    The bloody HSBC rewards redemtion is a disaster. I've applied MANY times for rewards redemption online and even called up their HSBC customer service for redemption but the goods just doesn't come. There's a case where i've applied in March 2015, followed up and till date, Nov 2015 no follow up, no deliver as though they've closed shop. Utterly disgusting service from HSBC.

  • Sn
      19th of Jan, 2016
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    How I wish to read/found this complaints site prior using HSBC service. The service is superbly poor. Credit card rebate calculation is so confusing and I feel cheated. In promotion brochure stated if monthly spending >RM2k your rebate will be 8% for petrol and groceries. But it never happened same like other ad-hoc promotion. Until now I received none of the rebate promotion even the requirement are met. Currently awaiting the promotion item which bluetooth speaker and I don't know how long it will take to receive the item. Oh ya one more thing, the securiy device concept is one more big s_ _ k f*ing s**t waste of my time. It doesnt link to my account up until now and using message forum in online banking is such a stupid idea. Take a longer time to respond and yet nothing is resolve.

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